yovado techinical enginering works

Organization Description: 

Y-TEK is a company led by a youth in Uganda; it has been founded in 2010 by a professional and skilled youth in electrical and mechanical engineering who was trained from an apprenticeship academy that is to say trained on work.
Is a company aiming at helping the lives of all Ugandan and working perfectly in Uganda through a number of privately contracted business projects and working tirelessly to have the best service toit customers in order to have the highest market demand in the field this can create job opportunity to the youths in Uganda hence reducing the problem of unemployment.
This is a company that is aiming at providing youth in Uganda with jobs and skills which can change their lives to the better standards. Its urgent vision is to become a self-sustaining non-government company in its efforts in Uganda, with a skills training center, where youths will be equipped with knowledge of sustainable development. This will create job opportunities for youth in the area and transform their lives from crime, unemployment and bad Peer groups.
My area of focus include electrical, mechanical and construction engineering where I will do all practical works including house wiring, machine installation, camera installation, fire and smock detector, alarm and so many others for mechanical engineering we shall deal in all welding works and lastly constructions includes building houses road construction and so many others.
Through these kinds of services I aim at and I am very optimistic that it will make me stand out from other players in the country.
Improving the lives of the youth through skills training programs and poverty eradication through practical skills
Empowering youth for a balanced world
Creation of jobs for youth involved in the company
To be the leading lenders of affordable services of a high quality

mukono town
kampala, 256
Mission Statement: 

To inspire and motivate a constructive action amongst youth as global citizen through working, awareness and critical thinking in Uganda
To create employment opportunities for youth in the area, Provide inspiration and tools to take action because action is the foundational key to all success

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

in god we trust

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