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Popular Web Sites


African American/Black Internet Sites


Apartment Search (these sites let you search for an apartment anywhere in the US)


Auctions (these sites allow you to buy things that other individuals are selling like in an auction)


Automobiles (these sites provide information on cars and will assist you in buying, selling or repairing your car)


Boston and Local Information & News (has all the information you would find in a newspaper and more)


Free E-mail and Web Pages (these sites provide you with a free E-mail account and space for a Web page)


House Search (these sites let you find houses for sale and loans to buy a home)


Job Offers & Employment (this sites have job listings across the Boston area)


Maps (Get driving directions or street maps of any location)


Movie Times and Listings


Music (listen to music or download MP3’s to write you own music CD’s)




Portals or Start Pages: these are Web sites that function as a directory of web sites, which are a good starting point.






Sport News and Scores


White Pages People Search (search for the contact information of a person who may be located anywhere in the US or elsewhere)


Yellow Pages (search for any business anywhere in the US just like using the Yellow Pages)


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