The Reading Road-Trip Manual: Molly Orr (07-08)

Member Name: Molly Orr

Service Site: Open Door Ministries

Site Location: Denver, CO

Project Description: Molly Orr created an after-school curriculum called the Reading Road-Trip Manual for her students at Denver's Open Door Ministries.

The Reading Road-Trip curriculum is designed for after-school programs as a supplemental reading program for kids, staff, and volunteers. The unique utilization of an American road-trip map gives students a creative and simplistic way to track their reading while also learning US geography. As a rewards-based incentive, the reading map can easily be monitored by teachers, tutors, students, and parents to fully submerse the students into the program.

Molly's manual includes:

  • recommended supplies
  • definitions of game rules
  • guidelines for the readers, teachers, and volunteers
  • tips for reading with kids
  • sample trivia of major US cities
  • templates, illustrations, and photographs
  • sample home reading log sheet
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