Scratch and Technology for After-School Programs (Chris Hampson 09-10)

Member Name: Chris Hampson

Service Site: Pope John Paul II Catholic Academy

Site Location: Boston, MA

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This PDF file is Chris Hampson's three-part manual for introducing technology to an after-school program.  In the first part, Chris offers his seven part curricula for Scratch, a groundbreaking computer programming resource geared towards helping kids learn experientially.  The creators of Scratch designed the program to foster creativity and collaboration through interactive projects that can be shared and "remixed" online and therefore across the world.  Chris provides links to projects he has used.  This is not a beginner's guide to using Scratch. 

The second and third parts of the pdf are Chris' resource binders for after-school Program Coordinators and those planning a Computer Workshop for youth.  Besides containing useful instructions for logistical operations, these binders direct the reader to helpful articles concerning the psychology of child development and after-school care.

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