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What is a Short Term Trip?

A Short Term Mission IT Trip is a trip of 1 week to about 3 months to a Christian mission situation (usually overseas) with the intention of discovering more about the use of Mission IT, and perhaps even being able to, in some way, provide some IT assistance.

Read about an IT Short Term Trip that some guys did with JAARS.

Why go on a Short Term Trip?

There are several 2 reasons to go on a Short Term Trip:

  1. To learn more about Christian Mission in general;
  2. To learn more about Mission IT and how your skills can be used by God in such a situation;
  3. To discover more if God might be calling you to such ministry full-time.

What types of trips are there?

There are a few types of trips.

  • Mission Conference Trips are those where a team attends a missionary conference (usually on the field) with the intention of fixing missionaries' computers. They prepare for the conference by understanding the particular needs in that region, and take spare parts with them to repair the computers.
  • Mission IT Consulting trips are for teams or individuals to work with a mission to resolve some known need, and discover new unknown needs in the region. These are undertaken by experienced consultants, sometimes with someone learning the ropes.
  • IT Working Parties are when a team goes to resolve a known problem for a mission. They will usually prepare prior to their departure as a team, preparing equipment, documentation etc. On the field they undertake the task, train the folk there on whatever has been done, and may support the system after returning home.

How are these trips financed?

In general each team member needs to raise their own support. This helps build support from your friends and church for your trip, getting their 'buy in' for your trip. Even if you have your own funds to cover the trip we encouage you to raise some support, and perhaps support one of your other team members. The support you will get from your supporters will go far beyond finanical, and will include prayer and personal encouragement.

The cost of each trip will depend on the size of the group, length of stay, place etc.

Who can help me organize a short term trip?

It depends on the type of trip you are trying to do. Information about the various organizations who help churches and individuals put these trips together can be found under the description of the various trip types above.


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