Start a Support Group

Start a Group

       Interested in starting a Christ centered support group for those who struggle with sex addiction or pornography in your local area ? Email us and we'll email you information on how to start a group, run it, and promote it. We'll also include info on how sex and porn addiction can be addressed in your church. Once your group is up and running we ask that you provide us with the location, meeting time and contact for your group so we can post it on this website and refer others to you. We have men looking for groups and would love to point them your way.
       A Strength in Numbers group is a ministry to your city, not just your church. There are many in the body of Christ who are struggling with porn or sex addiction, and you'll find that many from other churches will come to your group because they won't be seen by persons who know them.
       The black plague of porn affects men, women and children; it rips marriages and families apart and it rots the church. By setting up a Strength in Numbers group you're entering the front lines of the battle, and God will impact many through your efforts. If you're ready to join in God's work of changing lives, please contact us.

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