Sun Valley Youth Center: Summer Programming (Tiffany Peterson 09-10)

Member Name: Tiffany Peterson

Service Site: Sun Valley Youth Center

Site Location: Aurora, CO

Project Description:

Tiffany Peterson served as a TMC member at the Sun Valley Youth Center of Aurora, CO from 2009-2010. Much of Tiffany's work related to helping organize and facilitate activities for the youth at the site. Tiffany became intensely familiar with an array of resources and activities in the Denver area for children to become involved with. Her final project is an analysis of these various resources and a step by step guide on how to effectively plan events with the numerous enrichment programs the sites can get involved with to better facilitate events with the young people they serve. In this project Tiffany highlights notable Colorado parks, play areas, and other enrichment organizations that students can get involved with. She also provides advice on networking, event preparation, and how to effectively plan ones schedule to center around such youth activities. This project is a huge resource not just for Denver members but for anyone looking for help in running an effective youth program.

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