Supplemental Educational Services Provider (DoE)

Becoming a Supplemental Educational Services Provider (DoE)


What is Supplemental Educational Services (SES)?

Supplemental Educational Services is a program of the US Department of Education that provides voucher funding to after-school programs serving low-income students from low-performing school districts. After-school sites must apply to become an SES provider through their state Department of Education, and then can begin receiving payments for any qualified students.


Benefits of SES

After becoming an approved SES provider, your after-school or out-of-school site can start receiving between $600 and $2,000 of voucher funding from your state for each student that qualifies. This generally requires providing from 20 to 65 hours of tutoring or instruction.


What are the restrictions on faith with SES funding?

The 20-65 hours of formal SES tutoring/instruction may not contain any faith component, but sites that are able to provide the tutoring for less than the amount received from the voucher may use the voucher funding for anything without any restrictions. For example, if your site could provide the required tutoring hours for only $500 per student and you received $2,000 per student in voucher funding, then you could use the $1,500 of voucher funding without any restrictions. Students participating in the SES tutoring may not be required to participate in faith activities.


What are the Primary Requirements?

  • Most states require that your after-school program meet state licensing standards
  • Liability insurance and background checks for staff are generally required
  • Evidence of record of effectiveness and high quality instructional strategies aligned with state and local curriculum is needed
  • Some states may require some staff meet educational/certification standards
  • Sites will be required to show pre and post tests of students in the program


To Find out More or to Apply

  1. Visit US Department of Education SES Page at:
  2. Go through the Training Webcast on Applying for SES at:
  3. Contact your State SES Office from the list at:
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