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These CD images (ISOs) are helpful in dealing with a number of hardware and software problems.

The Ultimate Boot CD

[1] This is a collection of tools that would normally be distributed on floppy disk, but they have been collected onto a CD so you can easily boot them on ram disks. A wonderful lot of disk, memory, CPU and other test tools, and some tools to recover passwords etc.

Knoppix Linux

[2]Knoppix is a CD based Linux distribution that runs on the CD. It is useful for booting and examining disks etc, and running some network scanning etc. It launches a GUI.

System Rescue CD

[3]This is another CD Linux distribution (based on the Gentoo LiveCD) but is text based. It is specifically designed for repairing systems and data after a crash and aims to provide an easy way to carry out admin tasks on computers. Very useful as long as you don't need a gui========

Penguin SleuthKit Bootable CD

[4]This is a customised version of Knoppix that is designed for forensic examination of compromised computers, with some limitations. It has lots of useful tools for examining systems and networks.


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