Tanning Addiction

Tanning addiction

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Tanning addiction is a syndrome where an individual has a physical addiction to sunbathing or the use of tanning beds. [1] In 2005, a group of dermatologists published a study showing that frequent tanners experience a loss of control over their tanning schedule, displaying a pattern of addiction similar to smokers and alcoholics. [2]

Biochemical evidence indicates that tanning addicts are addicted to an opioid release experienced during tanning. When frequent tanners took an endorphin blocker in a 2006 study, they experienced severe withdrawal symptoms, while infrequent tanners experienced no withdrawal symptoms under the same conditions. [3]

The physical basis for tanning addiction should not be confused with the slang term tanorexia, which is said to be a psychological problem wherein the person sees themselves as too pale, even if they are quite dark.


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