Top Tips for Computer Centers

Nine sites to help build your computer center's capacity, expand its resource base, and enhance its curriculum.

1. Software donations:

TechMission’s software donations page provides information on how to get Microsoft Office for $30 as well as other Microsoft, Adobe and Symantec products.

2. Free Curricula for Computer Classes:

TechMission provides curricula and lesson plans for Intro to Computers, Intro to Internet, Typing, Microsoft Word, Excel, Databases, Graphic Design and Web Page Design. You can now download all the files together in a zipped format. We also provide lesson plans for using computers with youth and links to other great resources.

3. Grant Information: &

We have a growing grants database, links to a technology grants newsletter, lists of technology grants and information on how to find grants for your center.

4. Using Theology to Teach Technology by C. Perry:

This workbook provides a great approach to integrating the Gospel into computer classes. It includes a course in Microsoft Word integrated with Bible Teachings.

5. Other Information Networks:

We have links to other information networks like CTCNet (, Christian Computing Magazine and Computing in Missions that provide great information on computer centers and other topics of interest.

6. AC4 Workshop Presentations:

You can find downloadable presentations on How to Start and Grow a Computer Center, Technology in Youth Ministry, Technology in Gospel Missions and Resources for Computer Centers.

7. AC4 E-mail List Archive:

You can both browse and search our complete national e-mail list archive online.

8. AC4/TechMission List of Christian Computer Centers:

You can find a list of Christian computer centers in your area. Contact them, develop relationships and share ideas!

9. AC4/TechMission Membership:

Provides our curriculum manual, our capacity building manual, and enables you to apply for our other benefit programs.

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