Tracking Workstation Configurations

Tracking Workstation Configurations

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The Problem

How can a network administrator track all the hardware and software configurations of the systems on their network? How can they do this cheaply, efficiently, effectively, and possibly in a heterogeneous environment (eg possibly a linux server, not windows).


It does install an agent that can automatically report updates to the server, so if you are inventorying a remote site it would be necessary to open a port in the FW or tunnel with a VPN. The server can be either linux or windows and requires Apache and Tomcat. It can hook into MySQL or by default it uses Apache's database. The software has helpdesk features and comes preconfigured with vnc for remote support. It has agents for both Windows and Linux. It does not recognize Win95, but has recognized 98-XP. The linux agent wanted to report installed software based on RPMs. It seems to get the hardware right, though some trouble with old ISA NE2000 cards.

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