Two-Year Passport Program (Valerie Henderson-Odell 07-08)

Member Name: Valerie Henderson-Odell

Service Site: Worcester Higher Education Resource Center (Worcester HERC)

Site Location: Worcester, MA

Project Description:

Valerie's TechMission Corps year-long replicable project is a guide and powerpoint presentation for Worcester HERC's Passport Program. The Passport Program aids high schoolers and their preparations for higher education and college applications.

Valerie's guide includes various checklists and information for teenagers as they prepare themselves for college.

Examples include:

  • Volunteering opportunities for high schoolers
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Building and improving resumes
  • Getting written recommendations
  • Information on standardized testing
  • Furthering education
    • Internships
    • exploring career choices
    • summer learning programs
  • Mock interviewing
  • College visits
  • Financial Aid applications
Valerie Henderson Odell Presentation 2008.ppt125 KB
Valerie Henderson Odell project.doc76 KB


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