Typical Icafe Operation Statistics

Typical Icafe Operation Statistics

A “typical” well-run Internet café will have an approximate schedule as follows:

8am – 10:30am Computer classes, perhaps in association with students from a
local school or college.
10:30 am – 2pm Business customers, lunch-time customers, business planning
Internet access and office services
2pm – 5 pm After school customers – homework, Internet access and chat
5pm – 8pm Evening customers, students, professionals, after-work
customers, evening classes for English.
8pm – 10 pm Ministry time: Bible studies, client follow-up, question and
answer time, team meetings etc

The above model involves 12 hours commercial operation plus two hours of ministry time.
Staff are rotated to staff the icafe in shifts – they do not all work 14 hour days!

With 20 client machines, given at least 50% occupancy and 1 hour per customer at 60c per

12 hrs x 10 clients per hour = 120 clients per day

Income = 120 x 60c per hour x 25 days per month = $1800 per month

Rent = $300 a month
Internet = $100 a month
Phone etc= $100 a month
Deprecation = $150 a month
Total fixed costs = $650 a month
Missionary wages (4 indigenous missionaries) = $250 per month each = $1000
This leaves $150 a month for “extras” and ministry expenses. If the icafe is run well it can
achieve much more than 50% occupancy.

120 customers per day x 25 days per month = 3000 “customers” which would represent
about 1200 different users as some would be regulars.
There would also be “walk-in” customers, not using the computers but buying coffee,
purified water etc. 30 per day x 25 days per month = 750 customers, or about 250 different

This gives us 1450 individuals in the community with which the icafe is in regular contact. If
5% of these go on to take a bible study or participate in a house church we have 72
individuals making some step forward for Christ (say from –5 to –2 on the Engel scale). Of
these 72 seekers perhaps 30 would go on to full participation in a house church thus
forming two house churches of 15 persons each. This is typical of the results we have found
in our icafes so far.

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