UrbanMinistry.org Blogger Training (Rakiesha Chase 07-08)

Member Name: Rakiesha Chase

Service Site: TechMission

Site Location: Boston, MA

Project Description: UrbanMinistry.org launched its Volunteer Channel Editor/Blogger program, in which Rakiesha organized and managed for her year-long project. Rakiesha also facilitated blogger registration and training for all the bloggers.

Rakiesha wrote two trainings for the blogging program: 1) Training bloggers with an introduction on blogs 2) A training on adding content.

Rakiesha's PowerPoint presentations cover topics such as:

  • What is blogging? What is the purpose of blogging on UrbanMinistry.org?
  • Posting a blog entry
  • Adding an image
  • Adding on online video
  • Posting a link to an online resource
  • Hints and tips about blogging

 For a full list of all the blog channels on UrbanMinistry.org, you can visit this link: http://www.urbanministry.org/allchannels

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