What People are Saying about Safe Families

-unsolicited email
God really spoke to me through your submission in [a ministry partner's] newsletter.... [I] see a lot of similarities between your story and where mine is/has been. Thank for your witness.

--from ministry partners
...wanted to tell you that I read your article....you were so transparent and brought so much encouragement and hope to those who are going through this. Thanks for your efforts for all of us out here still dealing with it.
Your presentation material is absolutely, hands down, the BEST I have ever seen. Right on the money, Bil. You are doing important work and you are doing a great job - bless you, man.
I took the time to go to your new site and was very impressed! While I did not read every page in detail, I read enough to see that it is an excellent resource. If fact, I'm sure that I will use information gleaned from your site in future presentations or sermons.

--from workshop attendees
A much-needed workshop. Should be a plenary session topic.
Excellent! Way beyond expectations! Thank you.

--from a friend on MySpace
I love what you are doing here and I pray that your message reaches far and wide and to the right people.

--comments about our material on a partners' online forum
That is a fantastic message … you have indeed been on a journey through recovery. It's well worth listening to and aspiring to and I recommend it to all.
I just viewed your presentation and it was wonderful. Very comprehensive, honest, heartfelt and honoring of the Lord. God bless you and your ministry.

--responses after a conference call
This was a really good call. We are working on training sessions for our centers.
The Internet safety information was very good, this will help our center a great deal.
Good idea for the conference call, the speakers provided a wealth of information.
The call was one of the best that I have heard, it was informative for my personal use as well as for our community center.

--from a school principal after a parents' workshop
To say "thank you" really cannot sum up my gratitude. This was both informative and educational for many of us. One parent said "I feel like I have the real tools to deal with my children now." The most exciting thing to me is that the information is available for me to review whenever I feel the need to "get a booster shot".

--from a middle school principal
Thank you soooooooooo much. You provide a great service and I will definitely recommend your site to our parents!!!

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