Writing a Vision Statement

Briefly, Burt Nanus, a well-known expert on the subject, defines a vision as a realistic, credible, attractive future for [an] organization.

A good vision can accomplish a number of things for the organization:

  • It attracts commitment and energizes people.
  • It creates meaning in volunteer's lives
  • It establishes a standard of excellence.
  • It bridges the present and the future.

Oren Harari said that a "Vision should describe a set of ideals and priorities, a picture of the future, a sense of what makes the company special and unique, a core set of principles that the company stands for, and a broad set of compelling criteria that will help define organizational success."

Collins and Porras add that

  • A good vision is idealistic
  • A good vision is appropriate for the organization and for the times
  • A good vision sets standards of excellence and reflects high ideals
  • A good vision clarifies purpose and direction
  • A good vision inspires enthusiasm and encourages commitment
  • A good vision is well articulated and easily understood
  • A good vision reflects the uniqueness of the organization, its distinctive competence, what it stands for, and what it is able to achieve
  • A good vision is ambitious

We should have no shame or fear to read or use the word "company". The efficiency of the business world can teach us a things or two and their methods can be put to good use.

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