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Description of Financials and Accounting Systems

Track finances, donations, payments, income, expenses etc. Basic account software packages.

How are Financials and Accounting Systems used in Missions?

Just like any other organisation, Missions need to account for their finances, in fact they often have very strict requirements, including auditing.

Financial systems need to be able to track funds that are given for a specificed purpose and show that they have been used for that purpose.

Another extra capability for many Missions is to be able to produce reports for individual missionaries show donations given to them, and expenses that they have made from their accounts.

Issues with Financials and Accounting Systems

One aspect of Missions that stretches many financial systems is the way that the mission workers are supported. Some are treated as self-employed, some are treated as volunteers, some are treated as salaried members of staff. Some have to entirely raise their own support, whilst others are "topped up" from central funds. With some mission agencies the central pot pays for everyone, with others money raised from supporters is passed on directly to the people being supported. All of these variations present challenges for financial systems to track.

Different implementations and solutions using Financials and Accounting Systems

In Australia many use MYOB or Quickbooks. Few Australian mission offices require a larger solution.

Many larger missions/US offices use Great Plains, now Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Open Source

If you want a low cost, open source system then try one of the ones listed at One that isn't mentioned there is TurboCASH.

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