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Auctions of New and Used equipment

There are a number of company that auction used (and sometimes new) computer equipment. This is (of course) buyer beware. Used equipment will often be a generation old, and ex-lease. Some companies (eg Dell and HP for printers, Harris Technology) dispose of excess stock, warranty returns and opened stock via auction. Be careful to determine if warranty is still valid.

  • [1] Grays have both online and regular Auctions. The regularly have auctions of Dell equipment (new and warranty return), HP printers, Harris Technology seconds etc.
  • [2] Of course ebay has computers available. There are vendors who specialise in such equipment, some refurbished.

PC Refurbishers

These companies and organisations refurbish used computers, usually repacing moving parts such as fans, and testing machines to some extent. Often you can get a warranty. Companies also often sell parts for older computers.

  • Australian Compuyter Recylers in Melbourne refurbish computers and ship nationally. Crosscape Technology staff have used this organisation.
  • [3] There are vendors listed on ebay who refurbish computers.
  • Work Ventures ConnectIT is a Sydney based Christian run organisation that provides used computers to non-profits.

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