After-School Program Director's Manual (Teresa Pregizer 06-07)

Member Name: Teresa Pregizer

Service Site: S.A.Y Yes! Pico Union

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Project Focus:

This project outlines how Teresa Pregizer created a detailed manual for the director and mentor positions at S.A.Y. Yes! in order to make sure institutional knowledge of resources and best practices is retained from year to year, even if there is staff turnover.  In this way, future directors will better be able to build on previous experience, rather than starting over from scratch.

The director's manual defines the job responsibilities of each position.  It includes a breakdown of what is to be done each day as well as when to start working on bigger events.  For example, it tells the director when to begin planning the Thanksgiving dinner.  Finally, it has an index listing all resources which staff have used during the year, including websites that were helpful.   It is hoped that this will enable the center to run more smoothly and promote its growth, since the staff will not be reinventing the wheel each year. 

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