After-School Program Development from the Ground Up (Evan Donovan 06-07)

A holistic approach to after-school program development.

Member Name: Evan Donovan

Service Site: Metropolitan Baptist Church After-School Program (MBCASP)

Site Location: Dorchester, MA

Project Focus:

In this presentation, Evan Donovan draws upon his experience helping to start the MBCASP to create a generalized model of after-school program development, in five major areas: grant writing/fundraising, obtaining licensure, soliticing in-kind donations, recruiting staff and volunteers, and recruiting students. He shows how a successful program must lay a good foundation in these areas, so that staff will not perpetually be operating in crisis-management mode. He also provides a timeline of the prerequisites to the program's opening its doors to students.

The Word document follows the structure of the presentation slide by slide - explaining the diagrams, expanding upon the model, and indicating some of the key habits and attitudes of effective program directors.

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