Curriculum and Resources for Youth

Web Links for Youth Programs

Educational Websites


  • A+ Math: A solid math site for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There are multiple activities: flashcards, a game room, homework helper, and worksheets you can print out.
  • Accelerate Math. A website on the world's most successful math software for schools.
  • Ask Dr. Math: A question and answer service for math students and their teachers. It is for K-12th graders. Students can search through questions already submitted. If they don't find the answer they need, then they can submit their own question.
  • Cool Math: Contains great math games for all skill levels. Especially good for practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Homeschool Math. A website on free math lesson plans, worksheets, and curriculum guides.
  • First In Math: The foremost online math resource for grades K to 8 and beyond! The First In Math® Online Program is a proven curriculum supplement that solidifies basic mathematics skills, and can significantly improve test scores.
  • Math-Drills. Includes over 11,000 free math worksheets with answer keys. At math-drills, we strive to provide high-quality printable math worksheets for teachers, parents and other educators." No apparant copyright information besides contact e-mail being
  • Math Playground: Contains helpful demonstration games that allow students to visualize concepts like percents and fractions.
  • Remediation Book, California, Math.  Algebra 1.  Publisher:  McDougal Littell
  • Math Worksheets Go. Website with free math printables. Each one has model problems worked out step-by-step, practice problems, as well as challenge questions at the sheets end. Plus each one comes with an answer key. Copyright belongs to
  • Web Math: Part of the Discovery School on-line. Youth type in the math problem and this site gives a complete solution.


  • Chem Fiesta - Cavalcade o' Chemistry: Its creator, Ian Guch, has offered dozens of worksheets, lesson plans, and labs to anyone who is interested in using them in his or her classroom. This is a great resource for finding practice worksheets for students because many of them have answer keys included.
  • Discovery Education. Project ideas, timelines, and presentation tips for students, parents and teachers.
  • JLab: Contains great educational games, especially for introductory chemistry pieces that are covered in elementary and middle school. Also contains practice tests for the Virginia State Standards test which are very helpful for giving students practice in various subject areas.
  • Museum of Science. Areas of the museum and information that would benefit educators and their students.
  • Periodic Table of Videos: Demonstrates the properties of various elements and compounds. Enjoyable to watch and a great resource for teachers who do not have the time or supplies to show students these elements in the lab.
  • PhET: Students can learn about Physics by performing virtual demonstrations with the ability to adjust factors like gravity and friction.
  • Rader's BIOLOGY 4 KIDS.COM: Information on cell structure, cell function, scientific studies, plants, vertebrates, invertebrates, and other life science topics.
  • Rader's CHEM 4 KIDS.COM: Information on matter, atoms, elements, the periodic table, reactions, and biochemistry.
  • Rader's COSMOS 4 KIDS.COM: For astronomy basics and the science of the stars.
  • Rader's GEOGRAPHY 4 KIDS.COM: An introduction to the earth sciences that includes topics on the Earth's structure, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere (for a start).
  • Rader's PHYSICS 4 KIDS.COM: Information on motion, heat and thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, light, and modern physics topics.
  • Science Bob. Science Fair Ideas, explanation of the scientific method, and experiment videos.
  • Science Buddies. Helpful for choosing topics and getting tips on organizing and presenting your science project.
  • Science Fair Sanity. Step by step instructions on how to use the scientific method and on how to prepare your science fair project. This also includes an easy to use fill-in-the-blank style powerpoint presentation to present your project.
  • Science Kids: Contains experiment ideas that can be performed at home.
  • Science Monster: Made by the same people who run, this site is a science-based version of the same site. Contains games, information, and other materials.
  • Sid the Science Kid: Website for a popular PBS kids show about science. Contains educational games, episodes, and other materials.

Black/Cultural History

  • AFRO-Americ@ is an amazing site with 4 main sections: culture, information (news reports from all over America and the world), history (Black History Museum with interactive web page exhibits), and Kids Zone (see below). This site is aimed at adults and older teens.
  • The African-American Mosaic: A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture. This web site, aimed at older youth and adults, takes you through history starting with colonization issues as you click through the exhibits. The site has pictures, but also plenty of advanced reading!

Resources for Girls

  • Advancing Women: Offers on-line info on new technologies as it relates to career development for women. It includes articles about such topics as "Balancing Work and Family" and gives advice about things like finding job and networking. They also have a link to Advance Women Leadership, an online professional journal for women in leadership.
  • Distinguished Women of Past and Present: Has biographies of famous women and is aimed at an adult audience.
  • Dove Campaign for Real Beauty: A global effort launched in 2004 to serve as a starting point for widening the definition and discussion of beauty.
  • Dove Self-Esteem Toolkit & Resources: A website to encourage girls to embrace their unique beauty with workshops, guides, toolkit and videos.
  • Female Nobel Prize Laureates: Lists women Nobel prize winners as well as a list of organizations for Women in Science, Women in Technology, and Articles on Women and Science. This site may be a good way to encourage and challenge young female scientists.
  • The Gale Group -Celebrating Women's History Month focuses on an adult audience, but may be useful for older teens. This web site has a challenging quiz to test your knowledge, biographies of over 50 women, a straight-forward timeline of key events in women's history, information about court trials that have affected women as a wholeand other links.
  • is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It has both on-line activities and off-line ideas for girls, 9- to 14-years-old. Its Science and Technology section gives links to science/tech sites for youth and has "Health Science Curriculum On-line" where girls can walk through stories that involve heath or medicine and answer questions about the health/medical aspects. Other sections include Games & Puzzles, Body Wise, Diary (encouraging girls to journal), Girl Speak, Sports & Fitness. Everything is peppered with information about health, like "don't smoke" messages, but don't let that stop you it's all colorful and quite interactive.
  • Girls Incorporated is for slightly older girls. Its main purpose is to encourage girls to be "strong, smart and bold." It offers activities, inspiring stories about other teenage girls who've given back to their community, quizzes, etc. This site seems well-constructed for a teenage audience.
  • The National Women's History Project: A website mainly for teachers to incorporate women into history lessons. There is also a small section for students.
  • Webgrrls International: The Women's Tech Knowledge Connection, allows adult women in new media and technology to network and exchange information. It is linked with Cybergrrl.
  • Women Who Changed History: Site has biographies and student activities like publishing responses to questions about famous women and Cyberhunt.

Homework Help

  • Ask Kids: (Formerly Ask Jeeves Kids) allows students to type in their questions and read Jeeves' answers.
  • CyberSleuth Kids: A site for K-12th graders. It is an Internet search guide organized by subject.
  • Homework Help: Seems to be for an older audience and offers links for the SAT, among more common school subjects.
  • Homework Spot: A free site that provides online homework help for K-12 students. Links are organized into grade-appropriate categories. Also offered are virtual field trips, extracurricular activities and study breaks.
  • Khan Academy: This website has videos that cover an incredible range of topics, from elementary math to college physics. It also has quizzes for math topics.
  • LibrarySpot: A free virtual library resource center for educators and students, librarians and their patrons, families, businesses and just about anyone exploring the Web for valuable research information.
  • Moodle: This open source web program can be used to communicate homework assignments, lesson plans, and assistance to students. It is easy to use for both teacher and student. It is also a great resource for after school computer time because you can display a page with all approved websites and even categorize them by “Homework help,” “Educational Games,” “Free time Games,” etc.
  • New York Public Library's On-Lion for Kids: Has some great links, especially on its Science and Technology page (you can view earth from real satellites!). Additional sections include Arts & Games, People & Places, and Sports, among others. Many of the links are to ThinkQuest sites (student-made sites).
  • Review Game Zone: Find the subject then topic you are learning or want to study for. Then click on the game you want to play. That’s it! Good luck and Enjoy!

Other Resources

  • A site for young kids to "color in" pictures.
  • Crayola: The official website for Crayola, featuring online games, coloring pages, craft ideas, and more.
  • Creative Popup Cards. A website on how to create beautiful popup cards.
  • Dad Can Do. A website on arts and crafts to be an inspiration to the next generation.
  • Busy Bee. A website of crafts for younger children.
  • Disney TV: Disney website with links to the Disney Channel and its characters and stars.
  • Educational Coloring Pages: Free coloring pages jam-packed with children’s favorite characters and other goodies, such as parenting advice to help take the stress out of mommy-hood, math fun to make those early years count, educational resources and much, much more.
  • Kaboose. A website on crafts for kids for every season and holiday.
  • National Gallery of Arts for Kids: Has interactive activities with paintings and art.
  • The official website for Nickelodeon. has the best games for kids, plus immersive sites for Nickelodeon's kids' shows and information about up-and-coming Nick stars.
  • is THE place for online kids games and kids activities! Kids, parents, preschoolers, and everyone in your family who loves Nick Jr. TV shows will find hundreds of online kids games, kids crafts, and coloring pages starring favorite Nick Jr. characters.
  • Martha Stewart Crafts. A bunch of crafts kids can make from Martha Stewart.
  • Papercraft Printables. A website of a free collection of paper crafts, models, toys, dolls, cards and origami.
  • Paper Model Web Ring. A website on paper models you can create.
  • Party Games Pond. A website of a bunch of games to play at parties.
  • Poptropica: A virtual world in which kids explore and play in complete safety. Every month, millions of kids from around the world are entertained and informed by Poptropica's engaging quests, stories, and games.
  • PBS Kids. Site for literacy games to play on the computer.
  • Positivilely Splendid. A website on handmade crafts to make from home.
  • Preschool Crafts. A site full of fun free preschools arts and crafts.
  • PrintstonOnline. A website on the guide to your community.
  • Reading Rockets. A site on reading, and how to help a child feels put down make a comeback.
  • Scholastic Inc. Printable worksheets for all ages(k-8) and all subjects.
  • Scholastic Kids. A site that makes it easy to help make flashcards.
  • Skip to my Lou. A website on beautiful handmade crafts you can make.
  • Squidoo. A website where you can write about all sorts of topics for everyone to read.
  • Squigly's Jokes & Riddles: Featuring the latest jokes and riddles sent to Squigly from his friends around the world.
  • Starting Up Now. A website for career exploration for teenagers on how to start their own business.
  • Twin Sisters Productions: Great resource for children's educational music.
  • Typing: This is an excellent tool for teaching typing, especially to elementary students. The cartoon characters and noises keep students engaged. The only downside is that students cannot track their progress or take quizzes and tests.
  • Yahoo! Kids: Yahoo!'s entertainment and education site for children aged 6 through 12.
  • World Play. A website from Disney that shows how to make activitiy games.
  • Woo Jr. A website on coloring pages and activities for kids.
  • App Lilbrary. A list of educational apps on the Ipad.

Teen Education

Substance Abuse Prevention

  • Above The Influence: A website for teens that gives them the information and the voice to do something other than drugs. It has plenty of moving parts and looks good, so youth should be interested.
  • CDC Smoking & Tobacco Use: Tools and Resources from the CDC Office on Smoking and Health (OSH).
  • The Institute for Health and Recovery: A statewide service, research, policy, and program development agency. IHR’s mission is to develop a comprehensive continuum of care for individuals, youth, and families affected by alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, mental health problems, and violence/trauma.
  • Smoking Stinks: Website for educating teens on the dangers of smoking.
  • Tar Wars: A tobacco-free education program for kids from the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).
  • Teen Drug Abuse: A website to educate people about why teens begin using, what they are using, and how those drugs are affecting teens physically, socially, and mentally.
  • Empowering smokers to quit successfully and motivating youth to stay tobacco-free.
  • Addiction Center: Site that addresses issues of teen substance abuse.

Environmental Issues

  • 81 Brent: One of Dorchester’s Greenest Homes. 81 Brent showcases the many ways to develop sustainably.
  • Climate Hot Map - Global Warming Effects Around the World: Created by a host of organizations (Environmental Defense Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club, Union of Concerned Scientists, US Public Interest Research Group, World Resources Institute, and World Wildlife Fund), seeks to provide evidence of the "fingerprints" and "harbingers" of global warming. The site includes a clickable world map.
  • The Food Project: A national model of engaging young people in personal and social change through sustainable agriculture. Each year, The Food Project works with over a hundred teens and thousands of volunteers to farm on 37 acres in eastern Massachusetts.
  • The Heat is On(Line): A site about global warming - may be good for teens.
  • North Lawndale Green Youth Farm: To promote the enjoyment, understanding, and conservation of plants and the natural world.
  • The Story of Stuff: One of the most widely viewed environmental-themed short films of all time. Since its release in December 2007, The Story of Stuff has been shown in thousands of schools, houses of worship, community events and businesses around the world.
  • Truck Farm: A 1986 Dodge pickup with a mini-farm planted in the truck bed. It's a traveling, edible exhibit that brings rural experience to urban students.

Free Curriculum

  • ABC Teach. Free Printables, Interactives, Custom Documents, Clip Arts, and Games.
  • Thinkfinity. Great site with thousands of free lesson plans for after-school programs.
  • ASPIRA Youth Development Program: Curriculum and resources for the development of Latino Youth. (English and Spanish)
  • The Big Deal Book: Gives grant and contest opportunities, information on free materials, lesson plans and equipment, but seems to be mostly about contests and free materials. You can download the pdf file for free.
  • Discovery Education Online: Free educational resources for Kids, Parents, and Teachers. Grades K-12. This site has tons of information. Youth can type in a math problem and it will explain how to find the answer. There are also entries from a slave about what slavery was like and guidance about how to plan a science project. This site is very educational!
  • Free access to educational worksheets, great lessons, activities, science experiments, craft ideas. All ages.
  • ePals Classroom Exchange: A free resource for teachers, students, and parents to connect with others from around the world. It offers projects for groups and classrooms, discussion boards and more.
  • Free Education on the Internet from Free-Ed: They have links for general and IT education but not necessarily aimed at youth. Topics include: HTML, Windows 98, Win 95 for Excel, Word; Visual C++, Java, science, math and lots more. These lessons could be used for self-study or adapted for your own lesson plans.
  • Funshine Curriculum: (ages 3-5, "Fireflies") "Funshine Express, Inc." 1(800)-340-8103. Curriculum is sent with all product needed for lessons. It can be purchased for 1 child, up to 30 children. 16 children = $99.20/month and $1,011.84/year.
  • From Now On: An Educational Technology Journal, has a free newsletter, tech book info, and lots of links for educators of technology.
  • Games, Worksheets, Music Ideas plus CD: "Pre-school" by Ken Carder and Sue LaRoy. 1(800)-248-TWIN(8946) "Twin Sisters Productions, LLC." Akron, Ohio.
  • Illinois Coach: Cuesta Technologies, LLC. "Coach" 1(800)-221-9372,
  • I Know That is a free e-learning website for kids, ages 2 to 12. This site is very educational and truly aimed at young children by being fun, colorful and interactive. There's an on-line sticker book of dinosaurs or ancient Egypt, art activities and educational games with math, science, geography and phonics. When children complete an educational activity successfully, they can print an award certificate. Kids can also save completed projects.
  • International Children's Education (iCHED): Provides information and materials for families and teachers of students who are studying outside their home country.
  • Kids Activities. A website on over 1000 ideas for activites for children.
  • Kids of Integrity: Resource for activities and lessons.  Cost: Free.  Ages K-5.
  • Quia: Offers a free web-based testing and management tool for grades 2-12 (you do have to log in). This website allows you to create online quizzes and interactive games. Choose from templates that include flash cards, word searches and hangman. Games are in over 15 foreign languages including Chinese.
  • Reading Resource. Site with lots of voacbulary activities, printables, and ideas that could be created in a classroom. Also lots of lists of types of words ( rhyming, synonyms, etc.)
  • Review Game Zone: A web-based review game creation site where educators can create free educational games & quizzes directly from their browser. There are 10 types of games students can play. Games are based on a 10 question data set where the questions and answers are randomly ordered in each game.
  • Robocode: Cost: Download for free as a zipfile via the internet and or website. This requires your computer to have Java 5.0 or higher. Appropriate for all ages. Published by Robocode Developer's Inc.
  • Art Project for Kids. Site that has classroom tested, affordable art projects with step by step instructions and pictures included broken down into categories.
  • Soft Schools Curriculum: Website which provides free math and phonics worksheets. No cost, appropriate for all ages. Published by:, Email at
  • Superteacher Worksheets. Printable Math and ELA Worksheets for Teachers and Homeschool Families. Copyright belongs to Super Teacher Worksheets.
  • Tammy's Technology Tips for Teachers: Includes curriculum plans for computer projects, including Word Processing/Drawing, Spreadsheets/Databases, Internet Projects, and Multimedia. These projects seem appropriate for a school-like setting. Most projects are for 4th-8th graders. This site also offers presentations about teaching technology well.
  • TLS Books. Free printable worksheets for Preschool through Sixth Grade.
  • Tips for Teachers. Site with free printables for a variety of subjects that could supplement a lesson or unit plan.
  • Virtual Explorers is a group of educators who have made a web site to teach 5- to 12-year-olds about the world. It covers problem solving, conceptual understanding and visualization concepts. Also promotes and supports science investigation in a project-based learning environment for students worldwide via the Internet, helping them to develop their own understanding and appreciation of biodiversity and conservation.
  • Youth Learn: Offers youth development professionals and educators comprehensive services and resources for using media and technology tools to create exciting learning environments.
  • Youth Ministry Resources. A website of tons of free resources for youth ministry.

Free Software

  • Christian Freeware: TechMission's Christian Freeware CD is a collection of freeware and open source software that would be of use to Christians, churches, ministries including church software, ministry software, accountability software, open source software, free Bible study software for Windows, Palm and PocketPC. This software is beyond cheap software, shareware and discounted software because it's completely free. This CD-ROM also contains free software to enhance your computer using experience as well as bible study software.
  • HyperStudio: HyperStudio has been used for oral history projects and projects that showcase people and places in the community. If you create templates, younger kids can even use it.
  • Ibiblio: An online public library with freely available software and information, for topics such as music, literature, art, history, science, politics, and cultural studies. With between 12 million to 16 million worldwide transactions per day, it is a resource used frequently by audiences of all interests and backgrounds.
  • Kuta Software. LLC is a small company based out of Rockville Maryland dedicated to providing math teachers with the most useful tools possible. Provides free worksheets from pre-algebra to algebra 2. Copyright belongs to Kuta Software.
  • Letter Chase Typing Tutor: Letter Chase Typing Tutor for Windows is a complete typing program for all levels. Letter Chase touch typing software runs on all versions of Windows and works on a network.
  • MicroWorlds: An environment in which students can explore and test their ideas as they create science simulations, mathematical experiments, interactive multimedia stories, whatever they can imagine!
  • Robot C: Cost: Downloadable for free trial via the internet and or website. (Robot C: Virtual Worlds also available) Published by Scholastic, Appropriate for all ages.
  • Sokoban Logic Puzzles: Puzzles which can help students develop the type of visualization and spatial reasoning skills that could serve them well when they later study high school and college physics.
  • Stagecast: Stagecast Creator is a unique software product that kids love to use. It bridges two important categories of software, creativity and thinking skill development. Children use Stagecast Creator in computer labs, classrooms, technology camps, after school programs, and homes. With Stagecast Creator, girls and boys alike use the computer mouse to create simulations and games completely visually, without a programming language. The only limit is their imagination.

Pay Resources

Pay Curriculum

  • 13 Letters Curriculum: $69.00 for Leaders Kit, $6.00 for student kit, $15.00 for deluxe student kit, Published by: Reach Records, featuring artists such as Lecrae, Tedashill, Sho Baraka, Trip Lee, Flame, and Shai Linne, Appropriate for third grade and up.
  • Entrenuity Club- Cost Unknown, appropriate for all ages. Published by Sustainable Business Ventures, Cypress Entrenuity, South African, Institute for Entrepreneurship, Adapted by EcoVentures International.
  • Character Counts Curriculum: $430.00 for entire curriculum, $100.00 for each individual age group curriculum: Appropriate for all ages, Authored by Robert Marzano and John Kendall. 1(800)711-2670
  • Children's Technology Review: A monthly PDF newsletter — modeled in the spirit of Consumer Reports — designed to summarize the latest products and trends in children’s interactive media. There is no advertising.  $24/year, which will get you 12 PDF issues (each about 20 pages long) sent by email the first week of each month.
  • Can be used to make custom worksheets, word puzzles, and various other uses. $19.99/year. All ages.
  • Funshine Express Curriculum: (Ages 3-5, “Fireflies”) “Funshine Express, Inc.” 1(800)340-8103. Curriculum is sent with all product needed for lessons. It can be purchased for 1 child, up to 30 children. 16 children=$99.20/month and $1,011.84/year.
  • Gaiam Yoga DVD: Resources for teaching Yoga to kids ages (3-6). Kids DVD: "Yoga Kids 2," and "Yoga Kids 3." These DVD's can be useful for ages up to 5/6th grade also depending on teacher's opinion of student.
  • LEGO Mindstorms NXT Robotics: Base Set: $280.00, Education Resource Set: $100.00. For Ages third grade and up. Published by Lego Education.
  • Music for Yoga CD: Music to add to your Yoga experience. Published by Imaginazium. (800)-800-7008. "Sun Music and Moon Music"
  • Music Class Books: "Kids can Listen, Kids can Move." By Lynne Kleiner, Published by Alfred, "Music Rhapsody."
  • Printables: Printable worksheets for ages (k-8) and all subjects: “Scholastic, Inc.”
  • Ready Writer, Author: Edwin and Nellie Myers. Stylus, Skills, Printing, and Penmanship. $25.00.
  • Scholastic Momentum Library: Cost: Unknown, Published by: Scholastic Books Inc. 1(800)724-6527 (Various authors in the variety of books that come in package) Appropriate for grades 1-6.
  • Storyworks Magazine: Contains downloadable resources for teachers, parents, and kids. From "Scholastic, Inc.” Contact:
  • TeacherVision: Lesson plans, printables, and more.
  • Thirteen Letter. Author: Lacrae, Reach Life,, cost $107.99. Teach your child to read in 100 Easy Lessons, $22, Phyllis Haddox, and Elaine Bruner, Simon and Schuster.
  • Triumph Learning: The leading publisher of state-customized, standards-aligned, K–12 instructional materials. Used by 25 million students, their products provide targeted, kid-friendly content, engaging activities, and step-by-step lessons.

Christian Books

Christian Videos

  • Nooma Videos: (Rob Bell) Short films to help facilitate Bible studies with older youth.  Cost: videos can usually be found on youtube but are also available for purchase at for about $2.49 per download.  A list of each video and themes can be found HERE.
  • Veggie Tales: Used to facilitate Bible lessons for younger kids from time to time.  $8.00-$15.00.


  • Orchard Computer Resource: “Orchard Learning”. Educational Options, Inc. 1(888)726-8100.
  • A website for buying and bidding on computer software.
  • ETO Data Tracking Software: "Social Solutions." 1(866)-732-3560.
  • HyperStudio: HyperStudio has been used for oral history projects and projects that showcase people and places in the community. If you create templates, younger kids can even use it.
  • MicroWorlds: An environment in which students can explore and test their ideas as they create science simulations, mathematical experiments, interactive multimedia stories, whatever they can imagine!
  • Orchard: Targeted Educartional Software- Cost $25,510 for all programs: Language Arts K-3, 4-6 and Math Assesment: K-3, 4-6. Orchard is appropriate for all ages. Published by Educational Options Inc.
  • Stagecast: Stagecast Creator is a unique software product that kids love to use. It bridges two important categories of software, creativity and thinking skill development. Children use Stagecast Creator in computer labs, classrooms, technology camps, after school programs, and homes. With Stagecast Creator, girls and boys alike use the computer mouse to create simulations and games completely visually, without a programming language. The only limit is their imagination.
  • Programs by The Learning Company and Broderbund:
    • Math Shop by Scholastic
    • Reading Blaster (Ages 6-9)
    • Big Thinkers Kindergarten- Humongous Entertainment
    • Curious George Learns to Spell (also sold as "Curious George Reads, Writes, and Spells") by Curriculum Associates
    • Grammar for the Real World by Knowledge Adventure
    • I Spy by Scholastic
    • Madeline Classroom Companion ö 1st and 2nd Grade Reading Deluxe, by Creative Wonders/Learning Company
    • Reading Mansion by Great Wave Software
    • Fraction Attraction by Sunburst
    • JumpStart Math for Kindergarteners
    • Mystery Math Island by Lawrence Productions
    • Big Thinkers 1st Grade by Humongous Entertainment
    • The ClueFinders 3rd Grade Adventures by the Learning Company
    • Music Ace by Harmonic Vision
    • Thinkin' Things Sky Island Mysteries by Edmark Corporation (Grades 3-6)
    • Thinkin' Science Series ö Zap!
    • My First Amazing History Explorer by DK Multimedia K-5
    • Carmen Sandiego World Detective by Broderbund
    • Kid Phonics 2 by Knowledge Adventure
    • Logical Journey of the Zoombinis by Broderbund
    • Math for the Real World (5th to 8th grade) by Knowledge Adventure
    • For older Macs: "Super Solver: Reading Ages 9-12" CD-ROM runs on the Mac LC II, IIx, Performa 400 (or higher), Quadra, Centris, or Power Mac.

Staff Training

  • The First Days of School: How to Be an Effective Teacher (Harry K. Wong and Rosemary T. Wong) $15-20. This is a highly regarded book. Focuses on strategies that good teachers put in place in the first weeks of school. A great resource for after school programs as well because it focuses on structure and communicating expectations clearly, both of which are easily missed in after school programming.
  • Teach like a Champion: 49 Techniques That Put Students on the Path to College by Doug Lemov and Norman Atkins. $14-17. Looks at strategies that the best teachers use to help students from all walks of life achieve high results. The DVD is especially helpful because it shows these same teachers demonstrating each technique in their classroom.
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