Cyberbullying: Broken Friendships

Member Name: Melissa Horr


Service Site: Quincy Higher Education Resource Center


Site Location: Quincy, MA

Project Description:

Name calling, criticism, and general malfeasance has been an issue among school age children for countless generations. In this new age of instant on-line communication and wide spread social networking resources like myspace and facebook that enable individuals to view and post personal information instantaneously to a seemingly infinite number of people, Cyber-bullying, the use of information and communications technology to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior, the issue of ridicule among young people has increased at a staggering rate. Melissa Horr, a Tech Mission Corp member stationed in Quincy, MA helped implement a lesson plan addressing the damaging effects of Cyber-bullying and helping students understand the pain that it causes through an innovative and impacting role playing scenario.

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