Fundraising Problems? The Internet Is Your Solution

Fundraising Problems? The Internet Is Your Solution

By: Bill Urell

We all have gone through the same fundraising projects through the years. Countless cars washed, cookies and cakes baked, dances and auctions and whatever stuff we could find at home and sell. All of us have painstakingly rolled up our sleeves to help support any cause that we deem important, it could either be to help buy uniforms for the school team or band, fund a school trip, help send relief to typhoon victims or maybe to support a church project. Whatever it is, fundraising has always been and will always be an imminent part of funding a project or a cause.

While many of us have gone on to think that many of the usual methods are too time consuming and too tiring, the internet has provided a venue where we could find ways to raise funds.

One of which is finding several products that we can sell other than cakes and cookies.

A popular item that has been a definite means of finding funds is the rubber or silicon wristband. Popularized by American champion cyclist Lance Armstrong, the wristband has come to symbolize awareness for various causes. The yellow LiveStrong wristband was used to raise cancer awareness and at the same time raise funds for research and cure development. Different colors followed suit representing different causes, pink for breast cancer, red for aids and many more others.

You too can use the wristband for your fundraising. All you have to do is log in to the Internet and find the various sites that offer silicon or rubber wristbands that are sold at very low wholesale prices. You can choose from the variety of colors and designs and can even have them custom made to include the name of your cause or organization or maybe a simple logo or slogan. Then all you have to do is get the members of your organization or group to sell them. You are not only selling them for a good cause, but you are also providing your customers and donors a fashionable accessory.

Besides that, you can also sell awareness stickers, chocolates, candies, paint kits and lots, lots more. The Internet will be your guide and partner in your fundraising endeavor.

But if you still want to stick with the cookies and cakes fundraising, you can still do so. You can sell them thorough the Internet by putting up a website. All you have to do is some marketing. You can post on your site where the proceeds will be going and give a brief background on the problem or the cause. This can tug at the hearts of some people and help bolster your fundraising drive.
Another idea you can use is having an online raffle. Pledges and donors can donate online and their donation can be equivalent to a number of raffle numbers depending on the amount of their donation. They you can have an electronic raffle after a certain set period of time. Not only are the people helping out in the fundraising, they can also get a chance to win something.

Fundraising for a worthy cause is something every person should do. We should always be thankful for all the conveniences we have in our life and a little of our time and effort will go along way to make other people happy.

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