Fundraisers and Fundraising Tip: Thank You Letters for Post Fundraiser Events

If you have a large car wash fundraiser in the community to raise money for your youth nonprofit group then it will take a lot of coordination and help from local business people. For instance you will need a location and you probably need to print flyers and maybe you will borrow a pressure washer. All these things can be donated by the small businesseses in your town.

Any time a small business in your community helps you it is wise to give them a thank you letter and you might be surprised how many of the small businesses will frame that thank you letter and put it in their shop. On your thank you letter you should therefore have a very big logo, because this advertises your group and will help the small business owner when other members of your group go in to shop at their store.

By giving thank you letters to those small businesses that help your car wash fundraiser you will note that next year’s car wash fundraiser will receive equal participation and the small businesses will go out of their way to help donate things you need for your nonprofit group.

You may even find that if you do a silent auction the same small businesses may come to your rescue with items for that fund raising event. Community goodwill works both ways so please consider this in 2006.

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