How To Run An Effective Member Training (Rakiesha Chase 08-09)

Member Name: Rakiesha Chase

Service Site TechMission HQ

Site Location: Dorchester, MA

Project Description:

Rakiesha Chase served as a TMC member in Massachusetts at TechMission HQ in Dorchester. Rakiesha worked primarily with the online services team creating material for the and websites. She also helped create an array of Facebook applications and YouTube videos intending to inspire web searches to get more involved with volunteer opportunities. One of Rakiesha's major roles at TechMission was to help train new staff members. During her time with TMC Rakiesha developed a concrete formula to effectively teaching others how to conduct more or less any task. For her final project she created an in-depth manual on how to effectively train new staff. Her project highlights strategies on how to make trainings interesting and fun, while keeping them relevant and informative.

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