Information Resources

There are a large number of organizations and information resources available to those who would like to learn more about community computer centers. These include:

  • Christian Computing Magazine is a great resource for finding information on how computers and technology can be used to improve operations of a church.
  • Community Technology Centers Network is the oldest and largest network of community technology centers (both Christian and others). They have an e-mail list for their members and extensive resources to assist CTCs including their Center Start Up Manual. Membership in CTCNet costs $100.
  • International Conference on Computing and Missions is a conference for Christians interested in applying technology to missions. They have an e-mail list with hundreds of subscribers.
  • YouthLearn is a network of youth development and educators (both Christians and others), and have many resources for technology education for youth. Their resources include an email list with hundreds of subscribers and a guide for teaching technology to youth that they sell.
  • Digital Divide Network is a group focused on researching the digital divide and sharing resources among community technology centers (both Christian and others) and is funded by the Benton Foundation. They have an e-mail list with thousands of people with an interest in the digital divide.
  • America Connects Consortium is a consortium of groups addressing the digital divide and works closely with CTCNet. They provide a range of resources and e-mail lists and make their list archives available.
  • European Christian Internet Conference Network provides an annual conference on technology and the Internet for Churches and Christian Organizations in Europe.
  • Tech Foundation provides a monthly, free subscription newsletter on grants available to technology programs in non-profit organizations.
  • Compumentor provides information on how non-profit organizations can better use technology to improve their operations. In addition they provide a monthly newsletter called TechSoup and discounted software.
  • Neighborhood Networks is an initiative of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that supports technology centers in HUD programs. This program should be of interest to faith-based organizations wishing to partner with HUD programs.
  • National Telecommunications and Information Administration conducts extensive studies of the digital divide. Their latest report “Falling through the Net” is available at:


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