Internet/Web Filtering Software

Internet/Web Filtering Software Resource Sheet


Internet filtering software helps protect those using your computers from going to websites that may contain information that could be damaging, such as pornography. The following resource is provided by the AC4 to help you provide proper protection for those using your computers. There are five main options to consider, as listed below.

1) Free Internet Filtering Software, such as We-Blocker (available through TechMission's

  • Pros:It's Free
  • Cons:Compatibility problems with Windows XP and can be difficult to maintain for multiple computers

2) Discounted Internet Filtering Software through TechSoup Stock (, which provides Norton Internet Security for as low as $4 per license. This software provide parental controls, antivirus, spyware protection, spam filtering and other security features and is an excellent solution for computer labs.

  • Pros:Low cost and provides antivirus, spyware protection and many other useful features
  • Cons:Can be difficult to maintain across many computers.

3) Commercial Internet Filtering Software.

  • Pros:best solution for one user if you have the money
  • Cons:can cost a lot and be difficult to maintain if you have many computers such as in a computer lab



The following sites provide reviews of commercial Internet filtering software.

4) Router Based Filtering

  • Pros: low cost and easy to maintain solution for a computer lab, office environment or home with multiple computers
  • Cons: can be difficult to disable filtering for individual users

5) Accountability/Monitoring Software

Sends a record of sites visited to individuals for accountability, but does not restrict access to any sites

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