Men's Ministry Survey

1. How many close male friends do you have (“close” meaning you can expose your weaknesses?)  

0________      1________   2 or more________  


2. How many often do you meet with another male friend and talk on a deeper level?

Once a week________       Several times a month________  

Once a month________     Rarely________   Never________


3. When you’re struggling with an issue in life (job, home life, marriage, temptation) how do you deal with it?  (Check all that apply)

Talk to a close friend ________

Ask a friend to pray for me ________

Pray and/or read the Bible ________

Handle it the best I can on my own________


4. When is the last time you looked at pornography?

Never________   Within the past year________   Within the past 6 months________

Within the past 3 months________ This month________  This week________


5. On a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being best, rate the following in your life:

Walk with God________



How you do as a father________

Overall satisfaction with life________

Personal integrity________


7. I’m interested in developing relationships that go beyond “job, sports, and money” with other Christian men ________


8. I’d like someone to contact me; I need someone to talk to________


9. I’m struggling with lust and would like someone I can talk to________



Name (optional unless 7-9 are filled out) ________________________________


Phone no. ________________________

Faith (for Content):