Pastors and Pornography: Special Considerations

Pastors and Pornography: Special Considerations

How are pastors uniquely tempted?




Desperation for Fun & Relief

Exhaustion/Unrealistic Demands

Need for a Rush



Flexible Schedule

Unmonitored Opportunity

Others’ Struggles/ “Need for Research”



Why Do Pastors Get Stuck?

  • Shame

    “I can’t bring myself to admit it”
  • Pedestal Principle

    “It’ll ruin others’ faith”
  • Isolation/Lack of Authentic Friendships

    “No one will understand”

Fear of Confidentiality Breach

“It’s too risky to get help”

Professional/Financial Consequences

“But what about my ministry/family?”


“I can fix it myself by ____”


Why Pastors Must Stop/Not Start.

  • Spiritual fruit of corruption (Gal. 6:8)

  • Judged more harshly (James 3:1)

  • Risk of sin escalating (Bathsheba principle)

  • Compromised performance (Heb. 12:1)

  • Can’t give what I don’t have (Luke 6:42)

  • Desecration of God’s property (Ezek. 5:11)

  • Risk to church’s reputation (Matt. 5:16)

What is porn addiction?
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Am I addicted?
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