God uses all personality types to build His kingdom. There is no right or wrong temperament. The personality traits listed below are grouped in four couplets each with two opposing tendencies.

To Do:

In each of the four pair of words, circle one trait in each pair that best fits you. I tend to…

SHAPE area Specific Description Definition

Personality Extroverted I prefer interacting with many people and gain energy from being part of a variety of activities.

Personality Introverted I prefer interacting with only a few people and gain energy from quiet reflective time. I am a good listener.

Personality Thinker I make decisions based on logical and thoughtful analysis.

Personality Feeler I make decisions based on what is important to me and how it will affect other people.

Personality Routine I am more comfortable being involved in activities where I clearly know what is expected of me. I like closure and completion before starting something new.

Personality Variety I am more fulfilled by task that change and maybe even have some surprises. Finishing one task before starting another is not crucial.

Personality Cooperative As I work with others, I easily see their point of view. I like being part of a team effort.

Personality Competitive I like a sense of challenge. It increases my effort and helps me overcome the obstacles. 

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