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TechMission Volunteer Application

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Year at School:

emergency contact:

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Current employer and phone number

How did you hear about volunteering at TechMission?

Do you have workstudy? Yes No

Would you want to receive workstudy funds while with TechMission? Yes No

What hours and days would you be available?

Would you be interested in working with:

Technology (teaching computer classes, troubleshooting computers, building databases)

High School students (college prep, mentoring, SAT Prep)

Afterschool programs (working with children)

Administrative (filing, data entry, answering the phone, etc.)

What skills, hobbies, or interests would you like to contribute?

What languages do you speak?

Do you get around by car or public transportation? Circle one.


Please list any degrees or certifications and the school you attained them from.

Please list any previous volunteer experience:

Organization Title Key responsibilities

Have you ever been incarcerated?

Are you currently under a charge or have ever been convicted of or pled guilty to child abuse or a crime involving actual or attempted sexual misconduct or sexual molestation of a minor?

Yes _____ No _____ If yes, please explain: ___________________________

Please provide references whom we can contact:

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