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Recruiting Volunteers

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Training and Supervising Volunteers

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Volunteer Management

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 Program Management

  • Survey For Students. A survey to be filled out on the experience they had from the Homework House.
  • Survey for Teachers. A survey to be filled out by teachers on their students from the Homework House.
  • Surveys for Tutors. A survey to be filled out by tutors on their experience working with the students and if they would do it again from the Homework House.
  • Surveys for Parents in Spanish. A survey in Spanish for parents on how the experience was for their own children from the Homework House.
  • Youth Experience Survey. A survey for the youth based on current or recent involvement from the Homework House.
  • After School Enrichment Survey. A suggestion survey on which activities for the after school program would be desired to participate in from the Pui Tak Christian School.


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Training and Resources for Volunteers


Learn How to Serve

Volunteer Training on How to Find a Volunteer Placement and Serve Well

Discover Your Calling

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