Using Community Internet Cafes To Reach UPGs for Jesus

Using Community Internet Cafes To Reach UPGs for Jesus

The Vision

To establish a network of Internet cafes among UPG communities - as viable Christian businesses run bymissionaries who have an entrepreneurial outlook.

The icafes can offer Internet access, computer courses, distance education, coffee, purified water, business services etc.

The Goal
The establishment of an incarnational church-planting movement in the UPG community.

21 computers – one for firewall, 20 for clients
Computers are donated from USA, Hong Kong, Australia – Pentium 1 & 2
Located in UPG communities
Also have a range of other services
No games, no noise, “upper class” Internet café to attract leaders, businessmen and students as clients.
At 50c per hour, 50% occupancy, can earn $1,000+ a month net profit. (Third World missionaries are happy to live on $200 a month)

The Team
At least an entrepreneur, a computer technician and a ministry expert. May also include a community
development person.
All team members must be mature Christian believers with a positive “get it done” attitude.
Team elects leader.
Being vulnerable to each other’s strengths.
Share revenues of icafe as income to support their ministry.

The Criteria
Entrepreneurship / Leadership / Resourcefulness
Mature faith in Christ and personal formation.
Commitment to the project.
Heart for UPGs
Unity in the team
Financial integrity
Adequate technical skills
Adequate start-up capital and good location.

In or near a UPG community.
Near school, college or business district.
Preferably on the second-floor of a building with a security guard outside.
Clean, cool, professional environment that will appeal to premier high-paying customers.
Malls are an excellent location if the rent is reasonable.

The Process
Select location
Select team – entrepreneur, computer tech, ministry expert
Take team to 3 week training course
Develop business plan and ministry plan
Test and check team
Sign franchise agreement & reporting arrangements
Set-up location – phone, DSL, etc
Receive computers
Coaching period (6 months) – solve problems, establish ministry
Start a house church from icafe contacts.
Attend annual conference

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