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Vernacular Media

Vernacular Media is media that is culturally appropriate for a particular people group. For example this could be tape recordings, radio, video, drama or filmstrips, mp3s, dvds, podcasts, etc.

Although not limited to computer technology, the process of adapting effective media to local cultures can be accelerated by the use of computers. Media producers are using computer technology for recording, editing and transmitting their productions.


Currently has one application called Spark. Scripture Promotion And Resource Knowledgebase. Spark is a web application for gathering and distributing scripture-promotion media tools, ideas, and products. It also provides a convenient place for scripture-use media producers to share their products. These can then be used for translation and cross-cultural adaptation.

SIL have a Vernacular Media Services department as do one of its support organisations JAARS.


Some missions that produce or track digital Vernacular Media are:


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