Volunteer Management Manual and Webcast Presentations

Volunteer Management TechMission Corps

Christian Volunteering Manual (DOC)

The Christian Volunteering manual is intended to help streamline the process of recruiting volunteers and getting them into the proper place within your ministry. It includes sample job descriptions, recruitment flyers, feedback forms, online listings, and a volunteer application.

TechMission Corps Training

TechMission Corps Volunteer Management Training
Part of being a TechMission Corps member is recruiting and managing volunteers. How do you do that well? This presentation covers recruitment, interviewing, orientation, supervision, and recognition.

Webcast, PowerPoint,
Volunteer Management Toolkit


Citywide Volunteer Coordinator Orientation
This presentation is for TechMission Corps Citywide Volunteer Coordinators. It focuses on recruitment, including using www.christianvolunteering.org and other volunteer matching websites.

Webcast, PowerPoint,
Citywide Volunteer Coordinator Toolkit
 TMC Volunteer Coordinators Training

 TechMission Corps Volunteer Coordinators Training

This presentation provides extensive training for TechMission Corps volunteer coordinators in the values and goals of TechMission, and the role of volunteer coordinators in acheiving those goals.

PowerPoint, Volunteer Coordinators Training Handouts

Training on getting Work-Study Students
All TechMission Corps members should consider recruiting work-study students for their site. This presentation takes you through all the steps of working with the school and finalizing the placement.

Webcast, PowerPoint

Work-Study Toolkit:
Sample Contract, Sample Off-Campus Authorization, Sample Job Description
Christiana Gunn - Presentation on Volunteer Wiki  

Online Volunteer Recruitment Strategies

This presentation describes how to create a freely-editable resource on volunteering (a wiki) and how to promote your volunteering resources to partners such as urban ministry organizations and churches.


General Volunteer Management Training

Volunteer Management Training for Urban Ministries and Churches
Does your ministry need more volunteers? Have you thought about getting college work-study students? This presentation will provide an introduction to volunteer recruitment and management.
Webcast, Powerpoint, Christian Volunteer Management Manual (contains templates and resources)

The Best Secrets to Effective Early 21st Century Volunteer Management
Presentation by Brad S. Gray, Vice President Global Initiatives and Leadership Development, National Association of Independent Schools focuses on managing modern volunteers of different generations.

Effective Volunteer Management
Presented at the 2006 Medical Reserve Corps National Leadership and Training Conference. Covers basics of volunteer management, collaboration, and marketing.

Disaster Volunteer Management
Dante Gliniecki, Statewide Volunteer Coordinator, Missouri State Emergency Management Agency. Covers preparation for managing volunteers in a disaster.

Managing Disaster Volunteers
Kevin Smith, National Disaster Specialist, America's Second Harvest. Covers preparation for managing volunteers in a disaster.

Recruiting and Managing Volunteers: The Life Blood of every Club
Stuart Garland, Volunteering Ireland. Overview of volunteer management.

Volunteer Management Capacity Study: Summary Results
Presented at the 2004 National Conference on Community Volunteering and National Service by Mark A. Hager, Urban Institute, and Jeffrey L. Brudney, University of Georgia. Summarizes the findings of a research study on who uses volunteers and volunteer management practices and the effects on the organizations.


Volunteer Management
Lisa-Marie Lightfoot,Washoe County School District Volunteer Services Coordinator. Covers the six components of volunteering.


Volunteer Training Initiative (VTI)
Presentation by the Huntington Society of Canada covers the volunteer management cycle.


Training and Managing Volunteers
Presented by Debra Roepke at TechMission's 2005 Conference. An introduction to strong volunteer management with focus on reliability and retention as well as practical tools for getting started quickly.



Rediscovering the Lost Art of Leading a Volunteer-Driven Ministry:
Rev. Alvin Bibbs, Sr. and Ms. Debbie Kreml, Willow Creek Community Church



Mobilizing Middle Class Christians : The Poverty Simulation
Presented at the 2004 conference of the Christian Community Development Association. For seventeen years, Mission Waco has been mobilizing hundreds of middle class students and adults toward more compassionate involvement among the poor through its weekend Poverty Simulations and Out-of-Country Exposure trips. This workshop will describe how carefully designed experiences confront many of the myths about the poor during the guided mining. It will also provide both guidelines from building this experiential training from a Christ perspective and other creative initiatives which stretch Christians who want to be more involved in ministry with the marginalized.


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