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Description of Web Evangelism

Basically it is the use of the Web and Internet for evangelism, including cross-cultural Mission. It isn't just limited to web pages, but includes internet chat, email etc.

How is Web Evangelism used in Missions?

Good question. Folks - how is it used?

Helpful resources

  • www.cybermissions.org has articles and a course on using Web Evangelism in mission.
  • Internet Evangelism Day with many links to training and recommended books, principles of online evangelism, and downloadable PowerPonts and video clips that missions, bible colleges and churches can use to create a ready-made seminar about online mission
  • the Web Evangelism Guide
  • the October Lausanne WorldPulse has Dave Hackett's article, "Casting a Global Net," about emerging Web evangelism, with numerous links.

The April 2006 issue of Lausanne WorldPulse has an array of articles on Web evangelism, including:

  • Church Website Design Tool Internet Evangelism Day's self-assessment questionnaire to help churches develop websites so that they can reach out into the community.
  • The Gray Matrix Valuable development of the Engel Scale, which has great relevance to all forms of outreach.

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Issues with Web Evangelism

Different implementations and solutions using Web Evangelism


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