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Websites for Individual workers

There are a few specialist web hosting options for individual mission workers. Of course having pages at one of these will identify the worker as a missionary, which isn't always desirable.

Websites for Organisations

Webserver options

There are at least four options when it comes to having a web site depending on where the webserver actually is:

  • Having your own server at your office. This requires a high level of security, to prevent people getting onto your local network, and constant monitoring and updating of the server.
  • Renting a whole server located at an outside organisations facility.
  • Renting part of a web server (or a "virtual" server).
  • Having an outside organisation not just provide the server, but also provide some sort of website creation software.

Website creation options

There are several options for creating the website:

  • Using an editor to create pages by hand.
  • Using a tool to create websites. As well as allowing editing these tools allow you to keep track of links within the site, and have templates to give pages a common look. The leading (and expensive) ones are: Microsoft Frontpage which is part of Microsoft Office (and is being discontinued) and Dreamweaver from Adobe (formerly Macromedia).
  • Using some sort of software which allows you to create pages within your browser. These are often called ContentManagementSystems (CMS).


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