Finishing a Volunteer Project

Finishing a Volunteer Project

It ain't over 'til it's over

May 3, 2000

When your volunteer has finished the work assigned, celebrate! Make sure to schedule a short exit interview. Before they leave, you should:

  • Make sure you are clear on next steps: Ask the volunteer for advice on what they think you should do next. What steps are necessary to maintain the work they did? What suggestions do they have for improving the use of technology in your organization?
  • Thank the volunteer: Thank your mentor with a card, letter, meal, or any way you feel is appropriate. Don't wait until the project is over - thank your mentor every time you see them! Invite him or her to a special event at your organization or in the community. Celebrate the completion of your project with a meal or gathering. Or find out about the mentor's hobbies and interests so that you can give a more personal gift.
  • Document what they did: Make sure you have clear documentation of everything the volunteer did and any crucial information about maintaining or modifying what they created. For instance, if the volunteer has created new users on your network, make sure you know how to administer those new accounts, and have a list of relevant passwords. Even if the point-person for the volunteer knows these things, a written record is essential. The high staff turnover that many nonprofits experience can cause disaster for technology projects if there is no documentation. See the "Tips To Keep Your Computer System Healthy " testimonial for an example of how to document work done on each computer.
  • Keep contact information: Don't assume that it's okay to call your volunteer again. Ask what their availability will be now that the initial project is finished. If they say it is all right, make sure you have a permanent email address and phone number.

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