Global Missionary Resources

 The following list of resources and service providers may meet the needs of mid- to long-term missionaries, both domestic and overseas.

Retreats with CounselingFurlough Housing

Retreats, no Counseling

Medical Equipment

Free Emergency Road Service

Health Care

Internet, Web Sites,
Computers, Tech Support

Money, Finances,

Recommended Resources for
Missionary Kids and
Third Culture Kids




Aslan's Army
We support, with substantial financial donations, non-Western Bible Colleges directed by nationals who have a calling to plant churches and send out missionaries in their own countries. We can support 10 times the number of non-Western Bible student/missionaries for the price of a single U.S. based missionary sent overseas.

{C}iKobo Funds Transfer Inexpensive, fast way to send money to anyone in the world after you open an iKobo account. If the receiving person is not an iKobo member, iKobo sends them a free ATM card. Once the person has the card, transfers can be made instantly, anytime, night or day, at over 800,000 ATM's in more than 170 countries. Use the service to transfer funds to a national preacher or missionary, even if they have no web access or bank account. Sender pays small fee, receiver pays small ATM fee.

Kingdom Come Training
We use live video via your own PC to train you to raise personal support. Build the attitudes, the skills and the confidence to actually enjoy raising support. Only a PC with high speed internet is required. Courses run 1 1/2 hours a day, 4 days a week for 3 weeks. Guaranteed results. Very low cost.

Mission Advisors
We provide tax and financial assistance for individuals and small businesses, with a special focus on tax situations for US citizens and residents working abroad, especially missionaries.

Support Raising
Raising financial, prayer, and other support can be a daunting task. This People Raising site has helpful suggestions and resources, and a very useful free newsletter. "I have watched people recommend numerous fund raising tools for more than 30 years. . ." Also, a source for the popular Moody Press book, People Raising: A Practical Guide to Raising Support.

Internet, Web, Computers, Tech Support
Free websites, free hosting, free design tools, more. Ad supported, or pay $5/month for no ads. Not necessarily Christian.

Consistent Computer Bargains
The sole outlet for Microsoft software to charities and non-profits at greatly reduced prices. Initial order must be any combination of 5 or more MS licenses, and you must provide a copy of your Church or mission organization's 501(c)(3) form (from the IRS) and State Tax Exempt Form.

We've been hosting and supporting web sites longer than any other Christian site, providing dependable, economical services. Variety of hosting plans. Free support (email and phone)., Free Web Services
"Free Industrial-Strength Web Hosting, Web Design, Virtual POP E-Mail, and more for Qualified Charities." (available only to US and Canadian nonprofit organizations)

Invisible Web
Links to a large number of content-rich databases, especially medically oriented, from universities, libraries, associations, businesses and government agencies are almost invisible to average search engines such as Google, Lycos and Yahoo.

Jesus Sites Ministry
We provide free web site hosting for Christian ministries. If the ministry can not build a website we build it for them. If you have web design skills, volunteer to join us in this ministry - work from home! Young and old webmasters and programmers welcomed.

You can create a free missionary website in just minutes. Upload pictures, updates, plans, your location, prayer requests and more. Once your free personal missionary website is set up, simply send your sponsors your customized web address and they will have instant access to your latest news.

We help mission teams to build fully functional, high speed computer labs from routinely discarded older computers. We also will provide tech support for the lab and will provide high quality edcucational software, all at no charge. Web Site Services
Free web site and web site builder, along with other, low cost, packages. Custom web site design.

Tech Serve International
Network wiring, Radio email, telephone systems, shipping, packaging and purchasing services.

Tech Support Guy  (Not necessarily Christian)
If you're looking for free technical support for your computers, you've found it! This site is run completely by volunteers and paid for completely by donations and sponsors. There is no charge to you (although we do appreciate donations).

SOON Ministries
Online Evangelism Guide - a resource tool explaining the powerful evangelistic opportunities that the Web gives to missions, and individual returned/retired  missionaries who can continue to reach 'their' country.



SIM USA: Serving in Mission
SIM has about 1,600 active missionaries, from 37 countries serving in over 40 countries in South America, Africa and Asia. SIM's mission is to facilitate local churches to send cross-cultural missionaries.


{C} OSCAR - the UK information service for world mission
If you're involved or interested in missionary or Christian work overseas, OSCAR, the UK information service for world mission, is your gateway to useful UK related information, advice and resources.

Airborne Ministries
"JetPAC" compact portable video projection system is small and light enough to be checked as airline baggage. A great tool to reach the unreached with videos such as the Jesus Film and the God Story.

Alliance of Independent Christian Musicians
A resource to missionaries and churches worldwide. We aim to impassion and equip like-minded Christian Musicians to partner with and to serve the Church and its missionaries by encouraging the shepherds, re-energizing believers and challenging the unsaved with new experiences to the Gospel message.

Appliances that work on 220 Volt - 50 Hertz (Used in many countries). Note that simple "transformers" sometimes sold to "convert" electricity to operate your 115 volt - 60 Hertz devices may damage or destroy them.

Audio Bibles for the Blind
We are a worldwide ministry that provides FREE AUDIO BIBLES to people all around the globe who are legally blind and print-handicapped to more than 135 countries in 67 languages. If you would like to help us in our headquarters, we're in Bradenton, Florida.

{C}Blessing for Obedience
We assist Christian missionaries and organizations with communications, operating an amateur (ham) radio network, phone patch assistance and emergency traffic handling. We also provide radio equipment, training, and tech support, and FM and AM broadcast stations for those in remote areas of the world.

{C}"The Bible's Way to Victory over ADHD and Other Childhood Challenges"
Free ebook. Sound answers on preventing and overcoming Attention Deficit Disorder - ADD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Tourette's Syndrome.

{C}Brigada Today
The weekly Brigada Today email journal informs Great Commission Christians about our great global quest: giving hope and help to those who need it most. Brigada's emphasis is to:
- Identify & promote helpful resources, conferences, websites, agencies, individuals, etc.
- Analyze & capsulize in layman terms the current trends in global mission.
- Challenge & motivate evangelical Christians toward greater involvement in finishing the task of global evangelism, so we can finish the Task that Jesus assigned us in Matthew 28:19-20.
Free subscription

Brigada Resource List for MKs and TCKs
An excellent resource for Missionary Kids and Third Culture Kids, from Brigada. Includes books and magazines, web sites and web pages, child sexual abuse bibliography, bullying, more.

C Y Technologies, Inc.  Inexpensive Global Phone Calls
We are a Christian owned and operated company that offers the Send Global telephone service that allows anyone to call from the U.S. to anywhere else in the world. TRY IT OUT FREE! Click the link to read missionary testimonials and to find out more about our service, which has blessed many missionaries.

Deaf Ministry and Teaching Resources

Deaf Ministries Connections
An extensive listing of deaf ministries, camps, schools, churches, websites, magazines, and more.

Denton Program
Allows private U.S. citizens and organizations to use space available on U.S. military cargo planes to transport humanitarian goods, such as clothing, food, medical and educational supplies, and agricultural equipment and vehicles, to countries in need. The program is jointly administered by USAID, the Department of State (DOS), and the Department of Defense (DOD).

Dynamic Mission
Short-term team mobilization software to increase your mission impact. Streamlines collaboration and management of people, projects, teams, budgets, locations, travel, work assignments and more.

Eagle International Tents and Air Domes
With a vision for international missionary projects, we offer Pole Tents, Frame Tents, Clear Spans, Large Air Domes for Sports Covers, Churches, Missions, Evangelism, Auditoriums, Storage, Housing, Office Space - etc., of the highest quality and workmanship, at very competitive wholesale prices, World Wide!

Resources for tropical agriculture: seeds, training, internships, publications. Unique working demonstration farm in florida has large collection of tropical food plants.

Email Newsletter Do's and Dont's
A very useful Brigada article discusses how to use this form of communication effectively. Avoid the pitfalls of email's that don't accomplish what you expect them to. What about attachments? Spam filters? and more.

Equipping the Saints
Our Virginia office utilizes volunteers to provide and ship missions resources to over 60 countries annually. We use many skills, including electronics, mechanics, medical equipment. Bring your friends! Help us sort, clean, pack and prepare equipment to be sent overseas. Accommodations are available for small groups.

Ethnic Harvest
Free downloads of the Bible in 140 languages, many in searchable Ebook, MP3, Real Audio, Adobe Reader formats. Printed copies available. Also videos, other Christian material. Blind or visually-impaired may qualify for free Bibles in one of 67 languages from Audio Bibles for the Blind.

Evangelical Purchasing Service
Audio, Video, Class room furnishings, partitions, 220 volt equipment, more. No membership fees. Fifty years serving churches and missions. Call EPS at 800-445-6791.

Everything Missions
Your Missions outfitters and suppliers superstore. Your one stop shop for all of your short and long term missions supplies, resources. We take the work out of shopping so you can focus on your Mission.

Farms International
A Christian ministry that equips families in poverty with the means for self-support. Working through the local church, provides loans, technical support and spiritual training for families to lead them out of poverty.

GEO - Global Economic Outreach
We partner with missionaries around the world, helping them find practical assistance. When missionaries need information or someone to coordinate support activities, they contact us. Then we recruit someone with the needed skills and build a team. We are constantly recruiting skilled craftsmen, hobbyists, artisans, professionals and students willing to answer questions - as volunteers - by email. Some may travel to the field to help you in their area of expertise for a few days or weeks.

Global Women
Global Women is designed to take Christian ministry and witness to women, especially to those limited in access to Jesus, while supporting and encouraging women who have received a call of God to minister throughout our world. We seek to enlarge understanding of what Christ means for women around the world, through nurturing, facilitating, educating, and ministering.

Gospel Recordings
Unique "TapeTalk" hand-wind cassette players do not need batteries or external electricity in order to play. Also gospel messages in over 5,500 languages and dialects. 1-888-44-GRUSA toll free.

Haven of Peace Academy
Opportunities for educators at this interdenominational Christian school with over 220 students in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. We offer excellent education for MK's, nationals, and expatriates of more than 25 nationalities. Primary and secondary levels. Many mission agencies are represented amongst parents, students and teachers.

{C}Home Schooling Abroad
This web site is addressed especially to Christian workers worldwide who home school their children. This is a great site with many links, resources and a lot information on the subject.

{C}Hope for the City
Food, clothing, office supplies, furniture, medical equipment, etc., available at no cost to established non-profit organizations who are helping the poor to overcome their circumstances through education, housing, and other programs.

{C}India Resources 777
This website is dedicated to highlighting Christian materials and resources available within India with a focus on Hindi language resources. Translation, transcription, printing, audio/visual, websites, Bibles, more.

Listing of resources, including audio and video, to assist missionaries in cross-cultural and contextual evangelism. (Create International)

One of the world's largest websites for the search and delivery of research articles. Article summaries from over 25,000 publications linked to the full text of over 5,200 titles.

Internet Missions Research
We offer free searches of the internet for the special needs of missionaries. We look for material on the web that might be difficult to locate, and deliver custom results via email.

JungleMaster Ministries
Manufacturing, designing and delivering useful technology to Indigenous believers and National Missionaries worldwide.

Living Water International
Develops water supplies. Conducts a shallow-well drill-training seminar and a hand pump seminar. Also team leader, health and hygiene, and slow sand filter training.

MATS International
"If it has wheels and has to do with ministry, bicycles to semi tractors, MATS can help. MATS serves both Foreign and Domestic Ministry needs. MATS can secure excellent prices for FIELD units insured and delivered to port, and has programs specifically designed for Furlough needs. MATS serves Domestic ministers including pastors. churches, para-church ministries, Christian Colleges, including staff personnel, with new and used vehicles of most any brand name for purchase or lease."

Mission Ready Inc.
MRI is a non-denominational, mainstream Christian non-profit corporation organized to provide a rich set of resources and to remove barriers for Christian men and women seeking to enter active missionary service throughout the world. Financial assistance considered for qualified candidates.

Mission Resource Yellow Pages
A "yellow pages" listing of mission resources by subject. A great resource.

Missionary Service Fellowship
We supply mission teams with the supplies they need for each trip, for a minimal fee. It is more cost effective then purchasing from local retail.

Mission Media Productions
A non-profit ministry producing videos for and about Christian missionaries the world over.
A resource arsenal for the youth pastor, or church group preparing to go on a short term missions trip. Bibles, biographies, training materials, evangelistic dramas, travel gear and much more!

Your best source for Christian travel information, gear, and advice. We can help you get ready for short term missions, vacations, tours, international jobs, and other great adventure travels. is your passport to the online Christian travel and adventure community.

MMS Aviation
"Preparing People and Planes for Worldwide Missionary Service"

MullMan Pictures - Video Production Service for Missionaries
An experienced television producer offers to help missionaries generate awareness and raise funds through the use of video and multimedia. He has experience in Spain, North Africa, and Honduras. Contact Rodney, 770.385.7085 (USA) or at

Inexpensive phone service from the USA to all over the world. Example: call China for 2.4 cents/minute. Only 2.5 cents/minute within the USA. An 800 number provides access, plus there are local access numbers in many areas. No monthly fees or connection charges. $10 pre-payment required. 866-417-8483.

People Groups Web Site
Search more than 11,000 people groups by name, country, religion, language or status of evangelisation. You can download a list of all the world's people groups as well as related tables and charts. (Thanks to Brigada for suggestion!)

A Christian humanitarian search engine optimized for Christian NGOs and Christian relief and development organizations, drawing on a group of very high-quality websites. The intent is to get key holistic ministry information to the people who most need to use it.

{C}Solar Cookers International
A wealth of information, plans, reports, recipes on solar cooking - including water sterilization and disinfection techniques.

{C}Spanish Booklets (
Share the Gospel in the Spanish language! Designed for individuals traveling to Spanish-speaking countries on short-term missions trips, this booklet helps youth groups, churches and outreach teams communicate their faith. Includes a 1,000 word English to Spanish Dictionary.

{C}Sunwize Technologies
Solar energy solutions for electric power.

{C}Teams Commissioned by Christ International - TCCI
The "GO Prepared" specialized 6-video training series deal with Construction, Medical, Fund raising, Recruitment, Evangelism, and how short-term missions trips impact the life of a church.

{C}Tech Serve International
Network wiring, Radio email, telephone systems, shipping, packaging and purchasing services.

{C}The God Story Project
80 minute Bible story-telling video (and audio-only), God's Story: From Creation to Eternity, employs the chronological storytelling method of presenting the essentials of the Gospel, especially to remote and often hostile locations around the world. Available in VCR, VCD, DVD and audio cassettes, and now in a hand held Solar Player, in more than 150 languages to date. Outstanding field reports.

Unreached Peoples Prayer Profiles
A searchable database of more than 1600 unreached people groups.

World Christian Database
A marvelous, massive, searchable database of detailed information on 34,000 Christian denominations and on religions in 238 countries, 13,000 ethnolinguistic peoples, plus data on 7,000 cities and 3,000 provinces. Find information on nearly all people groups, much more.

World Computer Exchange
Donate and/or obtain used computers and other information technology equipment for humanitarian purposed. Help build the capacity of local schools, teachers, and students to use the Internet as a bridge to new resources, opportunities, and understanding.

Worldview Resource Group
We provide training in cross-cultural church planting methodologies based on a worldview level rather than at the levels of outward behavior or institutions. There are three tracks - equipping, training, and consulting. One to 3 week modules/seminars are in Colorado Springs. Chronological Bible Teaching is a primary strategy.

Your Dictionary
Hundreds of on-line dictionary and language resources for more than 200 languages. New languages and dictionaries are constantly being added to; as a result, they have what may be the most extensive set of dictionaries, grammars, and other language resources on the web.

Brigada's Resource List



Free Emergency Road Service


{C}Good Shepherd Baptist Mission
If you are a pastor, missionary or full-time Christian worker and you ever break down on the road anywhere in the US and need assistance call Good Shepherd Baptist Mission at 1-800-226-9391 for no cost assistance with repairs and housing.


Health and Dental Care for Missionaries


{C}International Society of Travel Medicine
Searchable listing of medical clinics world wide that are accessible to travelers.

{C}Grace Dental Mission
Seeks to provide quality dental care to missionaries by a Christian dentist who will travel to the foreign field with portable dental equipment. Grace Dental Mission may also provide dental care to nationals on the foreign field when it will enhance the evangelistic efforts of the missionaries.

{C}i-tec (Indigenous People's Technology & Education Center)
Portable Dental System. Solar/battery powered, light weight, suitable for back-packing. "At I-TEC, our focus is on enabling indigenous churches to overcome the technological and educational hurdles that stand in the way of their independence." Several projects designed to assist the "hidden" church in its journey toward independence under the lordship of Jesus Christ.
Resource guide and medical database, medical questions, video conferencing with medical professionals, medical videos/pictures, ask the nurses, ask the doctors.

UK based charity offers online (internet) medical help for missionaries. Trained family doctors provide advice and reassurance via the internet. In certain circumstances it is also possible for the doctors to obtain advice from a network of specialists.

Medical advice is available to doctors and patients in remote locations. Teleserve will direct your question to an appropriate specialist in either the U.K or the U.S. Consultation is free to remote physicians. For direct patient consultation there is sometimes a nominal fee. If you are unable to access the Web, a contact in the U.K. is and in the U.S. is

Free or Inexpensive Medical Supplies and Equipment for Missionaries


Assist International
Medical/Hospital Equipment. Technicians and specialists needed for short term, for training, repair, calibration, installation in third world facilities.

Christian Dental Society
CDS makes available portable equipment on a first come, first serve basis to current CDS members of at least Active Members Status (minimum of $150.00 annual dues). All equipment loans must be approved by the Home Office and the equipment must accompany the CDS member to and from the mission site.

Direct Relief International
We work to improve the health and lives of people living in developing countries and people victimized by disaster or war. We support locally run facilities, hospitals, and programs that provide health services with essential material resources - medicines, vitamins and nutritional supplements, supplies, and equipment. (Not necessarily Christian)

DrUsed is an Internet Portal promoting the trade of used medical equipment and surplus medical supplies. 416-766-3340. Includes a good directory of sources of such equipment and supplies.

Endure Medical
Carries the Welsh Portable missions microscope - the World's best portable surgical microscope. (Click on ENT, then Welsh ENT).  Also used surgical microscopes.

{C}Finders Medical Depot
"World's leading force in new and used medical equipment provides top quality equipment. Our resource network is able to locate virtually any type of medical equipment at the most competitive prices." 1-877-834-5248

Helping Overseas Directory
An excellent listing of organizations providing varieties of assistance. For medical supplies specifically, go here.

Hope for the City
Medical supplies, equipment, drugs, pharmaceuticals, available at no cost to established non-profit organizations who are helping the poor to overcome their circumstances through education, housing, and other programs.

Interchurch Medical Assistance
Supplies medicines and medical products to health care professionals and medical mission teams for short-term, volunteer overseas medical mission trips.

MAP International A rich source of help for obtaining medicine and medical supplies for hospitals, clinics and doctors serving in impoverished communities. Also disaster relief in the form of medicines and supplies to support health workers in affected areas. Also, programs for promotion of comprehensive community health.

Medical Benevolence Foundation
Provides support for medical personnel, as well as equipment, supplies and financial aid to hospitals, medical outposts and clinics outside the United States. This support is generated for the medical mission work of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Medical Equipment Services
Provides new and refurbished medical equipment, technical support, literature, training and advice, to hospitals and clinics, with field support.

Medical Missions for Children
A network of specialists in major U.S. hospitals mentor participating hospitals in underserved communities. Interactive video sessions provide consulting on patient diagnosis, discussion of new techniques and treatments, and answer questions. Interactive learning for physicians, nurses and administrators where symposiums, lectures, and information on new medicines and vaccines are presented.

Provides missionaries and national health care workers with equipment, technical assistance, manuals, and supplies. Has shipped more than twenty million dollars worth of new and renovated medical equipment. Volunteers and staff install and repair equipment, develop and train in equipment operation and maintenance procedures, and providing instruction in operating room procedures, infection control and sterilization in hospital environments. 

Project C.U.R.E.  (Commission on Urgent Relief and Equipment)
Humanitarian relief organization collects life-saving medical supplies and equipment from donors and delivers it to the neediest people in the world.  Depends on volunteer medical professionals and lay persons, and donations.  Has served 106 developing nations for more than 20 years. On-line video.

Wheels for Humanity
We collect, restore and distribute used wheel chairs at no cost to people who need them in places where wheel chairs are unattainable luxuries. We work with community leaders in the villages and town of developing countries to identify those in greatest need of our help.

Health Care Resource and Research Treasure Chest

Selected Housing for Missionaries on Furlough

  (From a few days to extended stays)

SUGGESTION; Use Google or Yahoo search engines to search for "Missionary Furlough Homes"

Also see; Christian Retreats Online

Walnut Creek, California (San Francisco Bay Area)  Bev and Culver Williams  925-935-4488  3 br furnished.

Berkeley Missionary Housing
Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church (California - San Francisco Bay Area) for contact info. 1-925-935-1574

Bradenton Missionary Village  (Florida, Gulf Coast)
By the month, 2 BR 1 bath, lake view and lake front apartments.

Cedar Lane Missionary Homes  (Laurel Springs, New Jersey)

Christian Hospitality Network
More than 400 bed and breakfast inns in all 50 states, Canada, England, Honduras, Nicaragua, Thailand and the US Virgin Islands, provide rooms and suites for a minimum of 25% discount to full-time Christian workers. Many offer substantially greater discounts.

D&D Missionary Homes (Tampa Bay, Florida, USA)
55 1-to-5 bedroom fully furnished units with all necessary household items including linens, blankets, towels, all kitchen things. Playground, chapel, more. For evangelical missionaries on furlough, medical leave, sabbaticals, their first year of retirement, or seeking R and R. One week to one year. Cost: Each family works a minimum of 5 hours/week, singles work 3 hours/week.

Elim Retreats  (Lake Huron, Waukesha, Wisconsin)
Our mission is to provide the place and occasion for the Lord to lead us into the refreshment and renewal of His life to our lives, and to bring renewed vision for our service to Him. Elim Retreats provides a low-key preventative pastoral care to leaders in ministry. We deeply believe that strengthened Christian leaders result in more fruitful Kingdom work.

Guatefriend's Guest House
A Bed and Breakfast Guest House in Guatemala City, Guatemala about 1 minute drive from La Aurora International Airport. Airport pick up and drop off. We frequently have missionaries, both religious and secular, stay with us. Affordable rates, modern amenities including wireless internet.

{C}The Hiding Place
Available for missionaries or full-time workers to rent whilst in the UK. Quiet, Self-contained, self-catering; for a married couple or a single person; near Sherwood Forest and the Derbyshire dales. Phone/Fax: 01623 441937. Brochure and email contact:

{C}Life Impact - Oasis

Our "Oasis" in Oregon offers missionaries, humanitarian aid workers, missionary care givers, and pastors of sending churches a quiet place for spiritual and physical refreshment, personal mentoring and processing. We provide orientation, debriefing, sabbatical planning, help with raising kids overseas, and more. More than 26 years of missions experience. (541) 593-7415


{C}Makahiki Ministries
Makahiki Ministries' Hospitality Homes International is a network of over 120 homes worldwide, privately owned by Christian hosts in the spirit of Romans 12:13 "Share with God's people in need . . practice hospitality." They are available to workers seeking spiritual and physical renewal. Our goal is to provide a place for those who battle for the faith to "come away" with Jesus and get some rest and to be restored.

{C}Missionary Home, First Baptist Church, Philadelphia, Mississippi
For Southern Baptist Missionaries only. Fully furnished.

{C}Missionary Hospitality in Upstate New York
The owners of a 20 room home in Nunda NY (30 minutes from Houghton, 60 minutes form Rochester, 90 minutes from Buffalo)is opening their home for missionary families. Contact A. Baird, PO Box 96, Nunda NY, 14517, 1-585-468-2827. The owner is a member of Elim Gospel Church, Mt Morris, NY.

{C}Missoula, Montana (no web site)
Lovely fully furnished 6BR, 3 1/2 bath log home available to missionaries. Located on spacious grounds in beautiful canyon. Minimum lease is 11 months. Phone 1-406-442-8995 or email for more information:
randynancymoy (at) in-tch. com (remove spaces and replace (at) with @. We do this to reduce spam)

{C}Montgomery House - Home of Peace  (Oakland, California)
We welcome missionaries from many denominations; travelers wishing for a friendly place with a Christian atmosphere and tourists wishing to spend time seeing the San Francisco Bay Area's many attractions. Bed and Continental breakfast on a nightly basis. Also accommodations for small group retreats, transportation to local airports, packing and overseas shipping services.

Paradise Mountain Ministries  (Toccoa, Georgia)
Provides a comfortable and caring atmosphere for young people whose parents are located outside the United States. It is their home away from home. We strive to bridge the gap between third world cultures and the American way of life.

Philemon International  (Belton, Missouri)
Housing for missionaries.

Rancho de la Paz (Ranch of Peace) (Riverside County, Southern California)
A peaceful setting where missionaries (and other Christian workers) can find respite. Guests can use their own kitchen and eat on the patio or in the gazebo with its 360 degree view of the rolling hills, or join the household in their dining room. For more information: (951) 245-4082

Caring for those who serve, we've been establishing "Hospitality Homes" around the world. To date we have homes in 27 states and 13 countries, including a home in S.E. Alabama that serves as a retreat center for individuals or couples in need of rest and refreshing. See a list of locations at

{C}Packing and Shipping for Missionaries


Selected Retreats for Missionaries, Pastors, and Christian Workers


{C}Retreats with Counseling Services

{C}Mountain Top Retreat   (Near Bozeman, Montana)
A secluded setting perfect for those seeking a peaceful place for renewal, a quiet place to receive guidance and to work through personal problems, or even just to use as a base camp to explore the Gallatin National Forest or Yellowstone National Park.

{C}Marble Retreat Christian Counseling  (Colorado Rocky Mountains)
A secluded lodge where many Christians have found a new day dawning in their hearts and spirits. Since 1974, this peaceful refuge has been a setting for healing and gentle restoration. An interdenominational Christian counseling provider, for marriage problems, debt, gambling or drug addiction, and other of life's challenges. Serving both Christian ministers and all Believers who are burdened and troubled.

Still Life Retreat  (92 secluded acres near Durham, Ontario, NW of Toronto)
Guided by the Holy Spirit, personal ministry got individuals and couples seeking healing from unresolved issues of the heart. We focus on forgiveness and freedom, and on unifying you as a couple. We believe unity in the church starts with married couples being as one. A time for renewal, refreshment, encouragement and healing. Set on a private lake and surrounded by .

Fairhaven Ministries  (Roan Mountain, Tennessee)
Sometimes it is helpful to meet with a qualified and experienced counselor to help us sort through the issues related to the ministry, marriage or a personal crisis that we are facing. Fully furnished and equipped chalets and cottages nestled in our secluded 100-acre valley surrounded by National Forests.

Fairhaven Ministries - Canada  (Okanagan Valley, Vernon, BC)
Committed to providing a retreat ministry where Christian leaders serving those in positions of Church, Mission, and Parachurch leadership can be encouraged, supported, and restored physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Lay leaders are most welcome when space is available. Counselling is available. Cottages for up to 6 family members. Non-denominational.

Retreats without Counseling Services (Some are free)

Christian Retreats Online
A directory of a variety of retreats and conference centers.

Allison Ranch  (Wilderness area of Idaho)
A Private Spiritual Retreat for God's Servants on the Salmon River in Idaho wilderness. Play badminton or croquet, hike, swim, or photograph elk and deer. All the comforts of home plus wonderful home cooked meals, without the intrusion of the outside world. Total cost for a family for a four day stay is $200. Contact Judy at 208-377-3005.

{C}Beside Still Waters  (Anna Maria Island, Manatee County, Florida - 40 miles from Tampa)
If you need to get away and restore your own relationship with God, we can help.We have NO programs; the time is yours to spend with God however you see fit. The condominiums are approximately 1 block from the beach.

{C}Elim Retreats  (On 1400 secluded acres, Lake Huron, Waukesha, WI)   Free
Retreats are 5 nights and 6 days in length. There are never more than 16 participants involved in any Retreat week. Each individual or couple will meet once with a host early in the Retreat week. Very low-key. Mornings and afternoons are entirely free for long walks, naps, and the variety of activity the property affords. Spirit-directed time of spiritual renewal.

{C}Pastor's Retreat Network  (Three locations)
Cedarly - West of Milwaukee in the quaint town of Delafield, Cedarly is a completely restored turn-of-the-century home resting on the shores of Upper Nemahbin Lake.
Selah Inn at the Ranch - 100 miles east of Dallas, the Inn continues our long tradition of ministry in Texas. Rooted in rolling pasture lands and lush woods, you'll find warm Texas hospitality and a gracious retreat home with spacious common areas, generously sized guest rooms with luxurious private baths, much more.
Valley View Inn - 42 acres of gently rolling hills in eastern Ohio, the Inn rests among the farms, fields and woodlands of Amish country. First-rate hospitality in a lovely rural setting. Each room has a private bath, queen-size bed and handcrafted Amish furnishings.

Prairie Road Acres Mission Camp & Retreat Center
Christian facilities, 1 to 7 nights, for planning, mini-retreats, as a recharge center, or as a mission base that we coordinate to serve those in need in the greater St. Louis, Missouri area. Non-denominational. For youth group ages and beyond.

Selah Cottage  (Western Tennessee)
Selah Cottage is a completely furnished A-frame cottage, thoroughly modern, heated and air conditioned, and suitable for a vacation retreat the year round. It offers the family an opportunity to relax together completely free of any obligation. It is available at NO CHARGE for up to two weeks to missionaries who meet certain requirements. 1-877-820-7424

These listings are provided as-is, with no warranty, explicit or implied. You must investigate any agency or organization that interests you to make sure that their services meet your needs. We cannot assure you that the organizations listed herein are as they advertise themselves to be, or that they will meet your expectations.

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