Asociacion Hogar Nuevo Esperanza

Organization Description: 

Short term, we hope to soon consolidate the present Hopehouse with expansion of staff and programs. Long term, we hope to build a second Hopehouse in the Cusco region. Our aim is to encourage healthy growth in all facets of the individual through;

Regular exercise and sound nutrition

Formal education and accelarated learning

Psychological councelling and workshops involved in promotion of self esteem, self discipline and social education.

Education in the Bible plus regular church attendance and outreach.

MZCN Lote 15,
Jicamarca,, Lima 36
Mission Statement: 

To help neglected and abandoned girls find their own self worth and full human potential, through the love of God.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

It's All about Him!
It is our strong desire that each and every one of these children get to experience first hand, the love of God. To witness the light coming into a child’s eyes (where there was nothing) is incredibly moving. Our journey has led us to a place where we realize that our perception about our faith, our strengths, our professionalism or humanity has little importance. We have learned that God does it all and we are truly privileged to be co-workers with Him and to watch it all unfold.

RUC number 20523156463
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