Candlewood Community Partners

Organization Description: 

Candlewood Community Partners is a ministry to folks living in large manufactured home park in Western Colorado. Our hope, prayer and vision is to be involved in the park in a way that ‘smells’ like Jesus.

We try to do this in any number of ways:
We help out around the park by repairing houses and doing yard work for folks who need help getting by.

We also run an afterschool club once a week at the park where we tie-die t-shirts, and launch pumpkins.

We do ‘activities’ around the park every once and a while: We have caroled with donkeys in tow, held karaoke barbeque nights and a health fare.
All this got started when we began placing homes in the park to help homeless folks. We own eight homes at Candlewood and seven of them are filled with families that are trying to move towards self-sufficiency.

Will, Marie and Jon-Mark live in unit 248, our ministry house. They remind us that Jesus calls us to be with people, that hospitality is at the core of community and love and that God is faithful.
We try to do all this in a way with a light air: we own an antique fire truck, a hotdog cart and spend a lot of time laughing at ourselves.
We invite you to come join us – we have projects that take a few hours to homes that need extensive remodeling. If you come, Mesa County has a great soft serve ice-cream shop, some impressive hiking and a small diner where the waitresses wear teal dresses. . . . .
The ministry is facilitated by Karis, Inc., a non profit corporation, and Sojourners Christian Fellowship, a church in Mesa County.

424 32 road #247
Clifton, CO 81520
Mission Statement: 

"Faith expressing itself in Love"

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