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The Family Outreach Ministry Cameroon (FOMCAM) has a three fold ministry: Evangelism, Education, and Recreation; which are commonly referred to as departments. The department of Education is currently carrying out teachings on sex education, discipleship, gender inequality, female sexual harassment and rape, and leadership development/formation in partnership with educational establishments in one province (the North West Province) of Cameroon of the ten provinces of the Republic of Cameroon for all who need it. FOMCAM’s headquarter is in Mulang Mankon. She works in partnership with the institutional ministries of the Cameroon Baptist Convention, churches, secondary/high schools, and institutions of higher learning, in the North West Province to carryout leadership trainings, discipleship, outreach/evangelism, and advocacy/justice.

She operates as a legal non-profit (tax-exempt) making Christian organization registered with the Government of the Republic of Cameroon for the supply of Christian education (vocational), outreach/evangelism, distribution of free Bibles, Christian Tracks, Christian Magazines, Video and Audio Tapes to pastors, church leaders, lay ministers, new converts, missionaries, top Government officials/officers, in the North West Province of Cameroon. She is also involved in prison and military ministry, reaching the destitute and street children.

Cameroon is situated in the west of Africa. It shares land boundaries with Central African Republic, Chad, Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Nigeria. It has a population of 16,300 million inhabitants; and a total land and water surface area of 475,440 square kilometers. Her official languages are English and French.

ii). Case description

This strategic framework and fund-raising case is drawn up to guide FOMCAM to take appropriate actions as they pursue their vision. In other words, it is analysed to bring FOMCAM out of the crises faced by the founder as a result of not having any formal education thus his inability to expand his ministry, and the projected establishments, and centers some 47 years ago; and to guarantee sustainability. The monographic study and strategic planning process underway have indicated that FOMCAM can not adequately achieve her objectives without external fund-raising and substantial income generating components. These have been seen as the best strategies required for tackling poverty which is the main cause of the problem FOMCAM had been facing.

Furthermore, this strategic framework is prepared in line with the Cameroon poverty strategy reduction paper which is framed up to achieve the millennium development goals. Following the process for an accurate identification of the main factors that cause or perpetuate poverty in Cameroon, in 2000, the level of education, and Christian values turns to be a very significant explanatory factor. Hence the objectives of FOMCAM address directly or indirectly the key components of a strategy for Evangelism, Discipleship Training, social justice and humanitarian aid. This is a means to evangelize Cameroon by providing spiritual and physical needs of the people in poor rural communities, develop a means of reducing poverty by partnering with the Government of Cameroon in the following key areas. They include:

i. Putting God’s Word in the hands of every man, woman, child who needs Him.

ii. Christian Education and health for strengthening human capital;

iii. Growth, particularly in the formal modern sector, for generating employment and income;

iv. Reaching out to street children, orphans, and adopting abandoned babies.

The Cameroon Government in the declaration of Law No. 92/006 of 14th August 1992 and its decree of Application No. 92/455/PM of 23rd November 1992 for the creation of NGO’s, and the national private education policy of 2001 affirms that private/secular education with focus on Christian discipline with good moral values is an indispensable partner of the state for the supply of Christian morals and education.

iii). Content Summary

To this end, the elements of the strategic framework hereby presented involves the visions, values, missions, goals, actions, key results areas, timeframe and Governance. Meanwhile the fund-raising case comprises a strategic planning, action planning, Implementation and the expected results, both at the beneficiary community’s and FOMCAM’s levels.

iv). Conclusion

This document is therefore prepared as the basis for programmes or projects formulation; and also as a

supporting document for fund-raising or partnership with other organisations that share the same vision.

2. Overview


An overview of the meeting of the general assembly of Saturday, January 29th, 2005 concerning evangelism efforts of Family Outreach Ministry Cameroon was presented by her president. The report, "Be my Witness" from Acts 1:8 was

received by the general assembly with thanks. At the same time, the president, in consultation with the founder of Family Outreach Ministry and other units, was authorized to establish a task force on evangelism. The 6 (six) member task force, with the president serving as chair, met to shape a proposal for "a comprehensive evangelism strategy" for consideration and possible adoption by the 2005 General Assembly.

The proposed text of an Evangelism Strategy, "Be my Witness" from Acts 1:8: A Vision for Evangelism for Family Outreach Ministry Cameroon was recommended by the board of directors for FOMCAM on June 8th, 2007, for adoption by the 2007 General Assembly of the Family Outreach Ministry Cameroon.

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To put Gods word into the hands of every man, woman, and child who needs Him.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We are convicted by the waste we see of God’s Word in our world, and we are committed to gathering up the scraps from the miracle that God has performed in providing it to us—"that nothing might be wasted." (John 6:12). Knowing this, we are praying for a harvest of souls from those who feed upon the Bread of Life—Jesus Christ!

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