Garrett Underwood

Organization Description: 

We believe that every Malachi Clothing product expresses 3 qualities to benefit the consumer and the advancement to kingdom. 1. Identity- Giving Christians an Identity to the world. Expressing the Christian beliefs not just verbally but Physically. 2. Discipleship- while fostering the Identity of a Christian, it is our responsibility to seek Gods kingdom and save as many people as we can. 3. Accountability- displaying the godly actions to your day to day life. 4. Giving- As a follower of Christian it is our Christian duty to help in any way we can. Showing love through the sacrifice of giving.

Product: We believe in quality, and empowering the individual with truth. Not only serving comfort and style but serve as a vehicle for social change.

8539 Nestle Ave
Northridge, CA 91325
Mission Statement: 

Striving to create fashionably, distinctive, and quality driven apparel that makes the consumer feel empowered when wearing it. Our objective is to create art with unique designs while fostering individual with basic Christian principle. Projecting the power of giving in every aspect. Giving opportunity, a second chance and giving truth.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

A voice that gives,

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